Which side is doing the most mud-slinging in the U.S. presidential campaign?

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Mccain/palin, by a landslide. Their actions (and inactions) have contributed to an increasingly hostile and racist atmosphere amongst their followers. Really embarrasing for the world to see their followers calling Obama an Arab, racism, labelling him a "terrorist," and threatening him with death.

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If you think one side slings the most mud, then you're just as guilty. Both sides use their money and power to make the other person look bad when they should be using that money and power to show what their campaign can do for the American people.

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Slinging mud? How about Obama supporters fire bombing homes of those who refuse to kneel before hope and change.


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This isn't a question of oppinion but a simple fact. NPR and other 3rd party organizations have done studies comparing the % of negative ads and McCain has 100% negative ads in places like Ohio and Obama doesn't have near that high, sometimes less than half.

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coulrophobic exaggerate or misrepresent facts?! Noooooo!! Say it ain't so!

In the meantime, while McCain supporters are livening up their rallies by yelling out such pleasantries as "traitor!" and "kill him!" in reference to Obama, the two men charged in vandalizing a McCain campaign sign, while clearly not fans of John, didn't seem to indicate they were either for or against Obama. Again, not that such particulars would mean anything to coulrophobic.

Keep fightin' the good fight, Coul. You're doing a bang-up job.

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The long list, with mug shots and other proof, of 'liberal' rage the media has no interest in showing you.


Oct 12 2008

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Nice website. I heard about that guy from Ohio that filled out lots of voter registration cards on Fox News yesterday. The story was interesting, although the commentator said there's no way that filling out the multiple registrations will let the kid vote more than once.

Good input though.

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Appearances can be deceiving; any mention of Senator Obama's past that isn't favorable is attacked as "mud-slinging." None of his failures, his unpopular policies, or his serious errors in judgment regarding personal and political relationships are allowed to be mentioned. The press is an obvious partner in this effort. Our freedom to challenge political rivals intellectually is being stifled by political correctness. The old media has decided that Obama is its sweetheart, and is shaping the world's perception of this election. But the truth is not mud-slinging.

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Talking about Obama's past associations is fine. Making idiotic insinuations that Obama is somehow a kindred spirit with the 60s radical Ayers, going so far as to create this grand cascade of faulty logic steering voters to one inevitable conclusion - That Obama is a friend of terrorists the world over, is mudslinging.

This coy dance you folks seems to want to continue isn't fooling a single voter.

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Go to any right wing blog and they'll probably have the link, or the screenshot, of the "sarah palin is a c*nt" tee-shirt that was posted on the obama/biden official website under there supporters blogs. While they can't control what their supporters will post, they can sure as heck moderate what is posted under barackobama.com and they let it ride for a few days before taking it down.

Both sides are just as bad. The MSM simply doesn't report ALL of the hate that the supplicants on the left post and scream.

By the way... "Traitor" and "kill him" were in reference to AYERS, not Obama. Which is, funny enough, an indepth investigation that the journalists are refusing to undertake beyond the official campaign line. If they looked into this with 10% of the effort they spent trying to smear palin, your boy would be history. IN. THE. TANK.

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This coy dance you folks seems to want to continue isn't fooling a single voter.

Tragically enough, it's fooling millions. We're gonna end up with the worst president ever thanks to the hypnotic efforts of the messiah and his supplicants.

Why, pray tell, is he spending MILLIONS of dollars fighting a lawsuit to prove his citizenship. All he has to do is choke up a valid birth certificate, and not the photocopy. He is spending, LITERALLY, millions to fight against this. WHY? WHAT IS HE AFRAID OF?

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The party I don't support! They suck!

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4th option, who cares.

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I think I speak for about everybody on this planet, including Americans, when I say: "Is it over yet?"

Why does it take the US severy YEARS to elect the worst candidate while other countries can do it in just weeks?

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You're a pseudo-mudslinger if you think one party is any worse than the other now.

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Loki520> "Worst president ever"? Oh please, we already have the worst president ever right now. G.W. Bush.

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Next let's have a poll on whether the users of this site are liberal or conservative and compare the results.

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you might as well as whether they're smart or retarded as well and compare THOSE results

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Beautiful. You've illustrated the results of the informal poll perfectly. I'm particularly tickled about how you can pop up on a thread regarding mudslinging, and casually throw out the "He's not a US citizen" card, despite the law clearly stating otherwise, regardless of whatever scenario you decide throw out. Obama's mother was a U.S. citizen, which makes any children born to her anywhere in the world a U.S. citizen by default. C'mon, I thought you GOP-types were all about the "WE'RE NUMBER ONE! USA! USA!" Don’t you know by now that membership has its privileges?

By the way... "Traitor" and "kill him" were in reference to AYERS, not Obama.

Riiiiight . . . 40 years later, the true Patriots of the Grand Old Party suddenly realized their was a wolf in their midst.

And NOW they're calling for justice. 40 years later. Riiiiight . . .

Keep slingin', Loki. Keep slinging'.

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Interesting. The 60 - 68 percent figure here pretty accurately parallels the percentages of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum who believe the mainstream media is openly biased in favor of Democrat candidates.

It shouldn't surprise though.

New media outlets are killing the Old Guard at the NY Times and CBS.

I suppose from a purely business point of view championing Barack Obama makes sense.

And of course, it is the big networks and media concerns who stand to gain (or regain) the most from Pelosi and Reid taking the thoroughly insane, Luddite road of imposing the so-called Fairness Doctrine we chucked back in the late 70's.

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Loki520 - McCain is spending $Millionms to prove his citizenship? Will you provide to website for that. Love to see it.

The dissatisfaction level of the American people at george bush is so high that even Dick Nixon's dissatisfaction level wasn't as high as george bush. But after the last eight years I can totally understand.

John McCain's campaign is making more negative/mudslinging commercials. But John is losing and he's trying to cause a feeling of, I'm not sure about Barack Obama. Then hoping that they (especially the independence and republicans that have decided to go Obama) will doubt Barack and in the voting booth decide to punch McCain.

Barack Obama's campaign just want to keep what they got. With no big gaffs they cam make less attacks and make more friendly ads.

I think now I'm tired of the campaign. I've been following it day by day and it's been a long election period. < :-)

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I look at it as the Democrats started it, every time there is a political ad it has John McCain and President Bush together. John McCain is probably the furthest away from George Bush in the Republican Party in the Senate. And you of course can't forget the stuff that ludacris sang about in the song (I use that word lightly) "Obama is Here." I can back up my beliefs that the Democrats started it just by looking at the Democratic and Republican Primaries. The Republican Primaries were rather clean and seemingly light. The Democratic one was vicious, and just nasty in many ways. I'm not saying the Republicans don't play the mud-slinging game also, but the Democrats do it more often and often they are seriously below the belt.

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It has been the dems' who have been instigating the 'mud-slinging' and at times very violent. And since the media is in the left wing pocket then you will not see balanced reporting.

If the Dems' walk through the street in front of the reps', then they will get the respect that they deserve. This is not reported.

When the reps' walk through the street in front of the dems' they shove the middle finger at them and tell them to go off and die. This is also not reported.

The dems' allow rape to support their abortion agenda. They support financial chaos in order to change the 'status quo'. Their goal is to fill their left wing, communistic, agenda.

The dems' are the decedents of slave owners. That is why they, historically, do not endorse blacks. Mr. Obama is a blessed one that will, one day, see how narrow they really are and he will CHANGE.

When George Washington was leading men into battle, hundreds of Thomas Jefferson supporters ran west so not to participate. When the war was won, they came back and shouted down the 'patriots'. So was the birth of the dems'.

The reps' are not so innocent. Frustration does enter the good men’s' mind, however it is easy to see that THEY are the mudslingers because the left wing media says it is so. Is It True? Look again ... but harder this time.

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DNC has it's share of mud slinging. But at least the DNC stuff only mildly twists the truth. The RNC ads warp reality in ways that are hard to comprehend. The only reason it works is because the middle class people who vote for the RNC canidates are quite dumb. Seriously. Take a look at this clip of people in Ohio at a McCain-Palin speech:


You want below the belt, how about the "Obama Bucks" posters various republican groups have put out. Featuring Obama next to pictures of Fried Chicken and Watermelon. Sure, no racial stereotypes going on there...

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