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Who do you side with in the Apple vs Samsung patent disputes going on around the world?

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always stick with the innovator. Not the duplicator

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That'd be Xerox PARC.

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I'm not really on anyone's side. I'm rather on consumers' side, which means defending their ability to choose from as many devices as possible. Currently, Apple is trying to obtain a monopoly on touchscreen tablets and smartphones, so in this fight, I'm against Apple 100%.

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always stick with the innovator. Not the duplicator

So, you mean you're with Samsung then, right?

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Why not read up on the decision instead of voting with prejudice: http://www.japantoday.com/category/commentary/view/jury-foreman-in-apple-vs-samsung-patent-infringement-case-explains-verdict

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mitoguitarman, the jury foreman admitted he made his decision thinking of his own patent, not based on the merits of the case. His verdict is completely biased and unacceptable.

In the article you post, he mentions how he reverse engineered an IBM device back then to create a competitive product and modified it a bit so that his device did the same thing but in a slightly different way. That's worse than what Samsung did, all the code in their devices is built from scratch or gotten from Google (which built it from scratch), none has been obtained by reverse engineering Apple products. So he's also a complete hypocrite.

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I wonder why there is no option for neither since this whole court case seems like a charade to me.

Tell me why didn't Apple file the newest version of Samsung into the case since that is the only model that really people are interested in buying?

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I guess the asker of this question forgot that there are numerous cases pending, each with different patents and arguments being made. For example, the recent loss by Apple in Japan involved different issues than the case they recently won in California. How can we respond who we "side with" when there are so many different cases and issues??

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That'd be Xerox PARC.

I don't Xerox PARC has done any work on mobile phone technology.

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The copier sues another copier talk about hypocrisy

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100% with Samsung. I hate Apple dictatorship.

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Samsung for me... I like my Galaxy (^_^) v

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No matter what the courts decide, it will be the lawyers who win the most. I refuse to vote unless a third button is added, labeled "A plague on both their houses."

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The innovator Samsung of course! Who else Apple? Give me a break, Most of fruit name's technology was already developed by Japanese companies and Mircrosoft way back, even though I'm no Microsoft fan, they had the technology back then.

Anyways Samsung and the Android innovator's will eventually come out the overall winners in this battle. Mark my words, the US kangaroo verdict will be overruled in the appeal come December in Samsung's favor.

Apples just jealous and upset Android and it's partners are taking such a massive "Bite" out of Apple and it's market share.

Anyways it won't be long before apple "bite's" it's way into single digit market share one day soon. Fresh apples all day!

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Have a iPad 1 that i give to the son when 3 or 4 he's 7 now. Was to easy to use. Had a samsung galaxy s1 upgraded to the samsung galaxy s3 and love it. Also have a Zoom tablet and going to get the samsung galaxy note 10.1 as soon as it gets here. Do not like the that you have to use iTunes to load files and you have to root it to get any apps not in your area. On Android's i just drop the arp file in my download folder and install any app from any area.

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Apple, are clearly not innovators. They are a corporate bully, stifling innovation. And people are are starting to dislike them for this.

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"Apple are clearly not innovators"

Ho ho ho! Who here, besides the captain, believes Samsung would be making and selling their Galaxys if Steve Jobs and Apple hadn't introduced the iPhone?

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Every country has been taking technology from the begining. I am not saying that it is right, but it goes on. In the case of Japan, Any technology that they had gotten from the USA, they have just made better. American companies would invent a product and then just sit back and think that they were the worlds greatest. It happened with copeiers, the auto companies, computers and so on. This is the big plus, we here in America put our selves into situations that allow other country's to steal technology from us.. Back a number of years ago, and I will not mention the company, there was a group of Chinese enginears that were taking a tour of this VERY importent company in America, has to do with flying and the military, anyway, they discovered that one of the Chinese had put double sided tape on his shoe as they were going into a very senative area. He was trying to pick up mental fragments on his shoes to see what type of metals were being use to build this product. Having this knowledge could put the military side of the production of this product in damger. The theft of technology goes on all over the world.

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I do form follows function. Touchscreens been around for nearly 30yrs. Was just a question of time who made the 1st phone that looked and felt like the Iphone.

Just a natural evolution of a device and Apple got there first(sorta).

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not a fan of either but what exactly has Samsung innovated? Apple has made innovations and tech revolutions and it can be placed in the same category as true innovators as IBM, Sony (Walkman), Nintendo, Nokia, etc. but Samsung...? I guess they've innovated how to make cheap cell phones that are good enough.

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I do form follows function. Touchscreens been around for nearly 30yrs. Was just a question of time who made the 1st phone that looked and felt like the Iphone.

The touchscreens of 30 years ago don't work. The breakthrough was multi-touch screens. Apple didn't invent that - they just put it into a phone.

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I read that Apple is worth nore that the eentire market cap of Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. That has to be a bubble and an indicator of Apple being vulnerable to new innovators or cheaper imitators.

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Both are copycats and only one admits to it but he's dead now. There should have been a third option of neither for this poll. Absolutes don't always exist.

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Samsung F700 had an "Apple Design" and was released 6 months before the Apple Iphone. But I don't like Apple anyway. In this case I'm with Samsung.

"We have always been shameless about steeling great ideas" Steve Jobs 1996

"I'm going to destroy android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this" Steve Jobs 2011

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What's Samsung going to do when Chinese companies start selling more cheap copies of Galaxys than Samsung's Galaxys?

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"We have always been shameless about steeling great ideas" Steve Jobs 1996

True. But they come to an agreement before they steal the ideas. Xerox got IPO Apple shares for sharing their ideas.

"I'm going to destroy android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this" Steve Jobs 2011

Good to see Job's wish come true.

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Nothing lasts forever.

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Apple all the way. Samsung is the copycat.

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The GUI started at the PARC.

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Reluctantly, Apple. My problem is what is allowed to be patented. How in the world can Apple patent rounded shaped edges on a rectangular form factor? That's like patenting a car with 4 doors. The consumer loses big time if the decisions around the world follow what happened in CA.

Understood the form factor is one of several issues but that one is jaw dropping.

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The GUI started at the PARC.

No it didn't.

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How is this "50/50", when Samsung has 2 more votes than Apple?

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To all the loyal apple fans who love to scream "Death to anything that isnt made by our beloved leader!" :

Do you not see the horror in the future you are hoping for? Would you seriously be happy if every phone shop Phone shop on earth carried only ONE phone? That there was only ONE company to buy from? Do you want apple to have complete monopoly on the phone market?

I see this court battle as one of Freedom of choice. Freedom to choose another phone with rounded corners that ISNT Apple. Or freedom to choose an OS that isnt IOS

Fear not, iPhone users. The profit margins that Apple has on its products, and you, it maniacal followers, means it will never go bust. Just let the rest of us choose something else if we want. Even if it looks a bit like your phone, we are making a conscious choice here.

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Apple absorbed all the worst features from Microsoft and left out all the best. Currently, Apple is an Evil half of the Microsoft, figuratively speaking. It is big, secretive company, which doesn't share it's code, which tracks you and forces you to use its software, and sues everybody for everything round-shaped. At the same time, the Apple software is slow and complicated, and is nightmarish to program for. Lately, Apple started to remove useful features from its products.

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Anyone who thinks apple is an "innovator" is deluding themselves.

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All innovative companies have "proprietary" information which it must "share" with sub-contracted companies in order to get products produced. Unless of course it has its own factory.

Today, in the USA almost all computer and high tech oriented companies recruit and have more Chinese and Indian engineers in their programming and design department than any other group. After all USA companies literally "buys" talent from all over the world. And many USA companies till today have allowed massive investment into research. In that way, USA was and probably still is the leader in new and innovative technology. (Not implying Apple/Samsung issue here.)

With the corporate attempt to get a quick return, heavy investments were made abroad to produce as cheaply as possible to be competitive as possible in the market and price driven world. That investment had some "negative" consequences. One of which was the "loss" of much proprietary information which could be used indiscriminately for other than "honorable" purposes.

The problem with much of such proprietary information in high technology is the "similarity" and "closeness" of concepts and processes. When they are put into practical hardware application, it may do the same thing. So the battle is in the minute specifics that gave the same or similar results. Is the "result" the key issue or is the "process" the issue. They are often one and the same and yet very different.

So the attorneys make more money than the companies that battle over it. Only because the "future" profitability is at stake. Sad that when such issues become not only a legal issue but also an international political issue. After all the governments depend on the "health" of its industries to keep its economy sound.

Sadly, we do not know enough of the specifics of the litigation to side with one or the other. And it would be foolish to do so without such information. Some media is biased toward "sensationalism" or outright "disinterest" letting the public get excited with only limited and under researched information.

It is OK for the media to report what is happening, but when “public opinion” is being addressed; “proper contents with proper perspective” is needed.

And, a survey is only as good as the quality of the “question” asked with the proper “qualification” and “limitations”.

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I side with Samsung, cuz it's cool.

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