Would former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn's arrest be a factor in whether or not you decide to buy a Nissan car in the future?

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When one spends money to buy a car, the decision has to do with the quality of product, performance, and service etc - not about any 'personality'. (That would be a very shallow way to make a decision).

Years ago I had a beautiful Maxima . Drove like a bird.

Then got a Pathfinder when my job put me on country roads -.never had a problem. Brought me through mud , sleet and snow.

However, have since the last 10 years moved to Toyota nc I get more for the buck - and besides Nissan has not come out with a great style, for at least the last 5 years - and not sure about product quality..

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Agree with Aly ..off the list for me going forward. If Japanese, Mazda or Toyota for me from now.

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@ marcelito .


I understand the sentiment, however that would be like not buying American because of Trump.


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Jail the person that brought out Nissan from the dark ages if bankruptcy from previous CEO's and brought riches and mergers to become number 4th, yep no thanks, that's not only a spit in the face to democracy, it shows the true colors of the hidden agenda of the corporate culture.

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definitely nissan is out of my list, there are so many brands with good products out there.

they way they brought down ghosn sicken me.

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Agree with Aly ..off the list for me going forward. If Japanese, Mazda or Toyota for me from now.

Those are my two fav Japanese cars too! Mazda and Toyota! Will never touch a Nissan EVER again

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I have always liked Nissan since its Datsun days so Ghosn's arrest and sacking probably would not be the deciding factor in my decision. However, I also don't want to support a company which I may see as discriminating against foreigners.

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Yes. I will not give them any money to continue their practices. Albeit, given the number and extent of scandals, recently, you really can't buy anything if you base it on that; Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Olympus, Toshiba... and on, and on.

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why would that even be a something Nissan will be one of the best and will still be the same no matter who become a CEO its the products that the company make not the manager that was a thief, also every person have hes own taste when it comes to cars

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That is a double edge question:

Would you not buy a Nissan because the CEO allegedly misappropriated funds, or 2. would you not buy a Nissan because (to some other interpretation) Nissan used unfair political influence to oust the man governed it to the top of the world?

Or you don't care at all as you are buying a car from a dealership not a gift from a CEO.

I never bought any Nissan but I followed with interest the pre-ghosn thrive and the fall as well as the revival by Ghosn. I was tempted to by some Infiniti, but they never got up there with price and attributes. But I am looking with suspiscion and awe to what is going on around the Ghosn case. I do not like anything Saikawa accomplished, from the kipping over of Mitsubishi (that was whacked by Nissan just as much as was Ghosn now, but I also had hopes that Nissan's know how and capital would bring Mitsubishi to a better period).

I do wish that the Japanese would come to senses and bring back Ghosn to save Nissan., as it seems Nissan needs him again...

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Regardless of your opinions of the Ghosn affair, this level of chaos at the top doesn't speak well of the company's management. And it's still not particularly clear who is in charge yet. Not good signs.

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Over the years I've noticed that companies with bad people morale usually go downhill. Your people are your most important asset. So, all this mess at Nissan puts me off their products. Hindus call it karma. Bible says, "be not deceived, for whatever a man sows, he shall also reap." Do wrong, it will come back to you. Something is wrong at Nissan.

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If Mr. Goshn's behavior was racially motivated . . . then I would try to side with the company.

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I don't think he's as innocent as he claims and Ghosn wasn't designing the cars, so why would his situation have any effect on my decision to buy a Nissan?

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If Nissan can get back to its roots of affordable high performance sports cars, definitely.

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Of course not.

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It would be a factor for me, though not the overall decision. If faced with two roughly equivalent options, and one was Nissan, I'd probably go with the other. If the Nissan were clearly the better option though (whether by price or quality), I would go with the Nissan.

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Of course yes! I have Pick-up Nissan but I will sell and never want a Nissan in my garage again. What Nissan and Japan are doing with Mr. Ghosn is absurd. It is inhuman and incomprehensible. Nissan never again. Outside Japanese products.

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semperfiMay 20  09:25 am JST


marcelito .


I understand the sentiment, however that would be like not buying American because of Trump.

I think the more appropriate analogy would be not staying at a Trump property because of Trump's politics

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Toyota tried to rip me off 20 years ago, I've refused to touch the brand ever since.

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may be nissan and its practices are the mirror of today's Japan: aging and declining; lets keep a look at the new models

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The circus surrounding the matter of Mr Ghosn's arrest and treatment is vexatiously difficult for those of us overseas to understand. That it seems to be not about justice in the hands of the law, but revenge by Nissan warrants consideration of other less "tainted" automobile manufacturers.

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Nissan, guilty until proven innocent. Same predicament as Ghosn.

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Definitely no. Considering Nissan's management's fervour, time and resources spend on bringing down Ghosn who brought the company back from the abyss into unimagined resurgence - I believe the current management has a seriously twisted sense of priorities: selfrighteous politics before building quality cars. No thanks to any products from a company with such management.

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thanks to Carlos Ghosn and Renault, I would NEVER buy a Nissan.

Carlos Ghosn rules for success:

Rule #1. Buy an automotive company known for their reliability.

2 talk a good game using the word ‘quality’ but cheapen the products and make them less reliable to make the cars ‘profitable’ 3 wrap it in a nice looking body and add cool features 4 attach a bogus warranty to it 5 sell to unsuspecting buyers 6 once the public catches on to the scheme, add another brand to the mix and repeat steps 1 through 5. 7 pretend to solve defects by words and little action. 8 always use the phrase “new and improved”. 9 when the crap hits the fan reiterate the need to make “profitable cars” 10 merge all the companies together into one conglomerate of a intertwined brand making junk on a grander scale.



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Carlos Ghosn deserves every moment of jail time he has thus received. Nissan reliability went to junk after him and that alone is a good enough reason to avoid Nissan.

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I will never buy a Nissan again, in fact anything Japanese has dropped down my list whenever possible. I don't like Pearl Harbour tactics.

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Buying Nissan or not ...it is not only the quality that plays a role.

Its how this case is playing a role for Nissan global. Remember that Nissan has three major car manufacturers and the one who took responsibility with a half of a milion person working .

people trust is very important , Nissan has certain market that want to buy , on the other hand Infiniti for example is another model that other market need.

Any human can choose what ever he or she wants and test its quality and service too.

Carlos Ghosn 20 years ago was given power to change a huge loss of Nissan almost bankrupt to a profit . Did he do it yes , di he merge three marjor cars manufacture , he did.

now he is accused of misusing company funds , here comes a question . Why after 20 years now all that is found . Can't the owner of Nissan find a proble in the first three . Second why now he is not miss using the money is happening by he time Carlos is the edge of retiring and most important fact he was working in a final project to merge things together for three companies to be something powerful in global cars in power quality and so on .

Than why should we buy Nissan . Why did Carlos now did all the time bad things . There is something not logic . Retiring , merging and in prison .

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After 40 years of driving I have never owned a Nissan (Datsun) and never will. I don't like them. Therefore, my answer is no, but not because of the Ghosn case.

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If or when I buy another car, either new or second-hand, it should be based on our needs as a family and on the merits of the car itself and not I hope on any other factors. And I like neither Ghosn nor Saikawa nor the justice system used by Saikawa et al to nail him.

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Well, Nissan's sales already show that there is little support for the company. With Nissan's car sales down spiralling, consumers are going to become increasingly wary about buying their vehicles.

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@LandOfTheLost - Well, Nissan's sales already show that there is little support for the company. With Nissan's car sales down spiralling, consumers are going to become increasingly wary about buying their vehicles.

The positive side to this will be, used Nissan cars will become much cheaper than others, which may slightly increase sales of their used cars, but the downward trend of buying new Nissan vehicles will continue both domestically and abroad. People have no confidence in a company that underhandedly and unscrupulously remove their CEO with accusations and an arrest, especially considering this case should have been handled internally by Nissan management, not by the Japanese courts. I am still quite sure Ghosn is as innocent as he states and he is the victim of an extremely unscrupulous corporate coup to remove him from his position and to defame him. And, the saddest thing is, even if he is eventually acquitted he will receive no compensation from either Nissan or the Japanese courts for a year in detention and ruining his life.

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I own two nissans and even before the Ghosn affair I had made up mind not to ever buy a Nissan because of quality issues and poor fuel consumption.

I have learned a lesson don't buy a car based on the design alone.

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I judge quality of product and how the company treats it customers and employees. Nothing more.

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