Would you like to see Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike become prime minister in the future?

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I'll take anyone new.

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What has she done? she takes ages to make any decision and then doesn't - Tokyo 2020 stuff missed now because time ran out to do it now, Tokyo fish market, etc. Major tasks for her current job.

Maybe she can be a figure head, but someone else will need to make the decisions or do the real work.

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She's a nationalist, hawk. Someone else, please.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

I don't think anything will change even with her as PM.

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Any Nationalist isn't going to save Japan despite her accountability direction, the overall course isn't any different. Japan needs someone to stop overwork, stop nuclear, go renewable, start valuing lives both locally and abroad, be in favour of immigration, dual citizenship, pay equity, real unions, higher minimum wages, suggest a dream and vision to work towards a better future, and change direction of a nation driven to suicide. There's a list that can go on and on. I don't know if Japan has the political will of any party to do anything that would benefit the Japanese people over corporations.

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The surveys on this site will not accept my vote, even though I'm logged in.

Much like in the reality of this place, I have no voice.

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Anyone so deeply involved with Nippon Kaigi is unfit for PM, in my view.

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If she is prepared bring up the issue of foreign suffrage again then a big yes.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

I see no reason to think she is any different from any other politician here.

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If it's as a replacement for Abe, then Yes.

Then again, if it's a replacement for Abe, virtually anyone would be an improvement....

I'm hoping against hope that the opposition get their act together before next Sunday.

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Its pretty obviouse she was put where she is in a careful plan to divide the oposition leaving Abe and the party to reign.

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