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Crime techniques, including ones that use door peepholes, that are shown online can be easily copied. We need to be on our guard against new techniques and come up with countermeasures.


Kimihiro Hino, a professor at the University of Tokyo graduate school. Door peepholes that are designed to allow a person inside to look out might pose security risks as tips on how to peer in at residents are available and easily accessible online. Read

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The government makes use of the state acts of the emperor for political purposes.


Setsu Kobayashi, a constitutional scholar and professor emeritus at Keio University. Legal experts and crime victims, particularly bereaved families who have lost loved ones to traffic accidents and incidents, have been enraged by the government’s decision to pardon about 550,000 people in connection with events marking Emperor Naruhito's enthronement and… Read

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I want to help raise education levels in Vietnam and contribute to the country’s growth.


Atsushi Sakurada, chairman of Mos Food Service Inc. Mos will hire 350 Vietnamese people who obtain the new specified skills visa over four years. The company, which runs Mos Burger restaurants, intends to open outlets in the Southeast Asian nation using Vietnamese who gain experience by working in Japan. Read

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Japanese beer is a lot better than American beer. We'll be looking those up at the liquor store when we get back.


Jon Moore, who is visiting Japan for two weeks with his wife Cindy to watch the Rugby World Cup. The Moores, from Springfield, Missouri in the United States, were visiting Japan for the first time. Read

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Why did the figure triple? We have to look carefully at the scale and content of the party.


Yuichiro Tamaki, leader of the Democratic Party for the People, asking a question in the Diet after the Cabinet Office sought 57 million yen under the government's fiscal 2020 budget to cover costs for the annual cherry blossom-viewing event, held at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward, for… Read

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By enlisting help from university students well-versed in social media, we want to prevent sex crimes.


A Hyogo prefectural police representative, commenting on the Social Media Association at the University of Hyogo where college students monitor social media posts on behalf of police to help stop junior and senior high school students from selling sex online. Read

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It is important to understand and respond to the evidence that storms are getting stronger as a result of climate change and that investments in disaster prevention need to rise, now more than ever.


Chris Field, director at the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University, saying that the message for typhoon-prone countries like Japan is that all should prepare for a future of stronger storms. Read

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Elderly people are very health-conscious, and they seem to be increasingly having opportunities to do exercise or sports, such as going walking and attending sports classes.


Open University of Japan Prof Noriko Sekine, commenting on the results of a Japan Sports Agency survey that found physical strength and athletic ability of elderly people in Japan continues to improve while those of women in their 30s and 40s are falling. Read

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Big bears live deep in the mountains, while the foothills are home to young animals. If the big bears come down to the foothills looking for food, this pushes the younger ones into what are usually buffer zones between bears and humans.

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Kazuhiko Maita, director of the Institute for Asian Black Bear Research and Preservation, a nonprofit organization. A food shortage ahead of hibernation season is likely fueling a surge in bear sightings and some attacks on people in populated areas of Niigata Prefecture. Read

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