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Quote of the Day

Japan cannot make CO2 disappear just by exporting it. Plans for overseas storage must involve taking permanent responsibility.


Putra Adhiguna, managing director of the Energy Shift Institute, an energy finance think tank focused on Asia's green transition. He says Japan's plan to export carbon dioxide for storage abroad is seen by some as ethically dubious, implying that the exporting nation is shifting responsibility for its emissions to others rather… Read

Quote of the Day

Mountainous regions, remote islands and other provincial areas, on the contrary, will see a sharp drop in the number of elderly residents and a shortage of those who could support their lives, so nursing care will cease to be operable as a business there.


Tatsuaki Takano, a professor of welfare care with Toyo University in Tokyo, saying the so-called “late-stage elderly,” or those aged 75 or older, will notably increase in number in Japan’s urban areas after 2040. Read

Quote of the Day

We want hunters to be able to fire in urban areas if the situation is right.


The president of the Akita Prefecture hunting association. When bears appear in urban areas, hunters are currently allowed to fire if police officers give the order. However, this sometimes means a delay in responding to a situation. Read

Quote of the Day

Measures are needed to accommodate people who are suffering from long-COVID, such as proposing flexible work styles in accordance with their symptoms.


Prof Fumio Otsuka, director of Okayama University Hospital’s General Medicine Department, which has a COVID After Care Clinic. Many of the patients have suffered psychological damage because their symptoms are not understood by people around them. Read

Quote of the Day

It has gotten difficult to determine which parent would be more appropriate to take care of the child.


Setsuo Shimosaka, a former family court investigator, who currently serves as deputy director-general of the Family Problems Information Center, an association that provides support for parent-child visitations and exchanges. He said mothers have often taken away their children even before their divorces are finalized. But now, more fathers are petitioning… Read

Quote of the Day

Young Japanese workers don’t even consider rural areas. Talented foreigners are our lifeline.


The 77-year-old president of a construction company in Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, where 45 of its 85 employees are highly skilled foreign professionals who graduated from Vietnamese national universities and other institutions. Companies outside of Tokyo are increasingly hiring skilled foreign professionals eligible for a designated visa for people with specialized… Read

Quote of the Day

Japanese leaders are gutless. They've always been gutless. They haven't fought for real sovereignty for that matter.


U.S. film director Oliver Stone, 75, criticizing the Japanese government for ignoring the wishes of Okinawan people who oppose the construction of a new U.S. military base off the coast of Henoko in Nago, Okinawa Prefecture. He said his impression is that Japan remains a satellite country that dutifully does the… Read

Quote of the Day

There are high hurdles to overcome before students whose mother tongues are not Japanese take the five-subject exam.


Hitoshi Tsunoda, a teacher at the part-time course at Machida High School, who has long taught students from abroad at Tokyo-managed institutes. More than 100 non-Japanese students were rejected under the specialized quota system for entry at Tokyo metropolitan government-run high schools because of the overwhelming number of applicants. Experts… Read

Quote of the Day

We want to create a workplace that can serve as a model for new ways of working.


Ibaraki Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa. The prefecture has adopted a four-day workweek for all employees, excluding teachers and those on shift work. Under the scheme, workers can take a day off on weekdays by extending daily working hours. Read

Quote of the Day

Understaffed businesses are turning to such innovations as touch-panel order devices, food-serving robots and self-service checkouts, instead of taking on new workers.


Masahiko Yamada, director-general of the labor ministry’s Employment Security Bureau, citing corporate investments in labor-saving technologies as a reason why the ratio of job offers to seekers fell in fiscal 2023 for the first time in three years. Read

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