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This is going to have a massive impact on the economy. We need to create new societal rules, financial products, and financial advice systems that address the cognitive capabilities of the elderly.


Kohei Komamura, an economics professor at Tokyo-based Keio University who studies approaches to finance in an aging society. Japan’s growing ranks of dementia sufferers are sitting on a mountain of frozen assets, estimated at 143 trillion yen in the year ending March 2018, according to research by Dai-Ichi Life Research… Read

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The production cycle will collapse as manga artists will be unable to receive the fruits of their creations.

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An official of the Shuppan Koho Center, a public relations body made up of major Japanese publishers, referring to a plan by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to ban sites that lead internet users to websites offering bootlegged materials such as manga and movies, and punish their operators with prison… Read

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Cabin attendants have good hospitality and English skills. We want multitaskers who can convince top company executives, government officials and university professors to meet with global investors or speak at conferences.


Yuki Maeda, head of corporate access across Asia for Mizuho Financial Group which wants hospitality and media veterans to woo investors and company executives with their strong communication and social skills. Read

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We can’t find success using the Japanese business model. Selling cuts of steak at reasonable prices doesn’t translate into customers rushing to our shop.


Kunio Ichinose, president of Pepper Food Service Co, which operates Ikinari! Steak, saying customers are not flocking in droves to the company's first overseas steakhouse in Manhattan, New York, and that revenue is short of expectations. Read

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Although we don’t expect this latest diplomatic incident to lead to any sanctions on Saudi, there is always some possibility that some firms will pull out their money from the Vision Fund. However, we are starting to worry about other more likely scenarios that could prove as disruptive to (SoftBank CEO Masayoshi) Son’s plans. Firstly and most importantly, we believe tech names will remain under selling pressure.

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Amir Anvarzadeh, a senior strategist with Asymmetric Advisors in Singapore, explaining why he removed SoftBank from his list of recommended stocks to buy. He was referring Saudi Arabia which is under fire for the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at its embassy in Istanbul. The kingdom is the biggest outside… Read

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Far-right parties have very little support in Japan. But there are a lot more people, a kind of reserve army, who are vaguely concerned about admitting foreigners. If the government doesn’t put together appropriate policies, that unease will increase.


Eriko Suzuki, a professor who researches migration at Kokushikan University, referring to 100 noisy protesters belonging to a group calling itself Japan First, who marched through Tokyo’s Ginza district last Sunday, waving imperial army flags and urging the government not to go ahead with a plan to admit more foreign… Read

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It’s a big problem that people are not doing their duty regarding taxes. A system must be established to identify winners at ticket counters when a certain amount of money is paid out, and also to allow national tax authorities to have access to the winners’ information. Gambling operators must improve the current situation so that tax is paid properly.


Shigeki Morinobu, research director of the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research who specializes in tax law. Most of about ¥12.7 billion in reportable winnings from public gambling in 2015, including horse and bicycle races, was not declared to tax authorities, according to a survey by the Board of Audit. Read

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Infrastructure is being improved to accommodate visitors to Japan of various nationalities, cultures and religions. However, the nation is short of places of worship for Islam — one of the three major religions in the world. I'm a Buddhist, but I wanted to create an environment where everyone can say their prayers at ease.


Yasuharu Inoue, head of the Tokyo-based committee, that came up with the idea of a mobile mosque for Muslim residents of the Kanto region. The truck, about 12 meters long and about 2.5 meters wide when it drives on the road, has sides that expand, making the inside a 48-square-meter… Read

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It is difficult for patients to judge whether their cases are emergencies or not, especially for parents of young children.


Kyoko Ama, head of a Tokyo-based citizens' group handling pediatric care issues. She was commenting on the health ministry's attempt to get the public to refrain from making after-hours visits to hospitals and clinics in hopes of curbing doctors' long working hours. Read

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If the latest inspection results show that the situation has not improved, we will need to consider conducting a further investigation.


A spokesman for the Japan Tourism Agency, saying that accommodation booking websites such as Airbnb are still listing 5,000 or so suspected illegal “minpaku” private lodgings, despite new legislation that came into force four months ago. Read

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