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42 houses left vacant because they are within 30 kms of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant were burglarized between March and May.


A National Police Agency official (Daily Yomiuri)

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So I guess we can stop with the whole "There was no looting and everyone behaved in an honorable fahsion" crap that people kept saying??

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I`ve got to ask, is "burglarized" a real word? In the UK we would say "Burgled" - do you say "Burglarized" in America, or somewhere else?

tmarie - just wait for the claims that it was furriners wot dun it!

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It's probably people still living there who refuse to leave. Probably looking for supplies.

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So I guess we can stop with the whole "There was no looting and everyone behaved in an honorable fahsion" crap that people kept saying??

Not yet. I would declare these kind of numbers as success any day.

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As i mentioned earlier, its most likely one gang made up of a few people taking advantage of the situation. Does NOT represent the 127 million japanese. Nice try tmarie. I cant wait to read a positive comment from you. Im sure u have, but everytine i read a post by you its -

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It's true, I'm afraid; "burglarize" is a real word to our American cousins. Still, they've always butcherized the English language.

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Gosh why stay in a country you have so little regard for TMarie! These are very low numbers and I would also guess it was people who ran out of supplies and stayed in the area were looking for essentials just to get by. Its hardly people looting for luxury items, and doing so in massive numbers.

Could it have also been that some owners went back when they shouldnt have done so, and said 'oh no, not me' when questioned?

The vast majority of Japanese behaved with more dignity and retraint than could have reasonably been expected of them in the circumstances.

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To really gauge this we would need to know what the figures were prior to the Disaster.

As Gwragged said there are many possibilities here.

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I guess you can rule out (100%) everybody is law abiding during natural diasters. Looters are looters.

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Pre-planned burglary is different from looting. This is a case of criminals planning and taking advantage of empty properties in deserted neighbourhoods. No one said criminals didn't exist in Japan, but looting was almost non-existent. Look at Greece over the past few days - riots, vandalism, stealing from shops. That's looting.

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