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Asia-Pacific economies are key to raising global economic growth and the region is facing a variety of challenges such as poverty and disasters caused by climate change.


Japanese Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki, saying that Japan will contribute about 160 billion yen, or around $1.04 billion, to an Asian Development Bank fund to help low-income nations combat climate change.


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Helping finance measures to combat something that is not regarded as real is gonna induce apoplexy in some.

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Japan should do what America does... get rid of leaders that they don't like.

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money "well spent" as many times before...

while some pockets will be full of bribes without any affect for millions at the end...

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Asia pacific economies WERE key to raising global growth. They are now the cause of sliding growth. India Ab mind South east Asia, with the US are the growth engines now. Taiwan and to lesser extend , South Korea stil contributing. Japan, China, Hongkong, are all diminishing economies

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to an Asian Development Bank fund to help low-income nations

Isn't it currently much easier to give the money directly to BOJ when it's about helping a low-income nation? lol

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