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China makes claims that are not scientific. If I were to speak for the Japanese government, I would say, ‘We don’t want China of all countries to say something like that.'


Former Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Akira Amari, saying Japanese people do not want to hear China say anything about the release of treated water into the sea from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

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As bribery-tainted Amari implies, China is totally not to be trusted and is hypocritical, but a Nippon Kaigi member, such as he, will tolerate no criticism from the likes of China and will know Japan is always thin-skinned.

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China makes claims that are not scientific.

Like what

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ianToday 09:21 am JST

Like what

China's claims that the water release is dangerous, despite the IAEA confirming it's safe, and the fact that China's own nuclear power plants (and industry in general) release far worse things. It's purely political, as everything is with China.


And if you want another example: all China's COVID disinformation, which continues to this day.

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It's not only China.

There's Russia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau and other 9 economies saying the same.

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Who are these "9 economies"?

It's only 9+6 economies.

I'm letting you do the research by yourself.

You're free to ignore any country that doesn't fit your political agenda.

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I gave up on you last time I tried to make you understand what market intervention is, and how is it performed by the BOJ.

You wanna prove me wrong? Try it!

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what you actually mean

What is exactly what you don't understand?

Use Google and you'll find the full list of countries. I'm not gonna do it for you.

It's not only China.

There's Russia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau and other 9 economies saying the same.

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China is going this as political for the export ban on semi-conductor exports to China. Has nothing to do with science. China weaponizes anything and everything to their advantage.

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Another of the useless"Silver Spoons" that Japan has an abundance of.

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Okay so Japan never said unscientific things, such as they are totally different from other races because their intestines are longer, they never ransacked Nanking to the extent that was documented, etc,

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China quietly released a lot worse in to the ocean...

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