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Conservatives in the LDP who are opposed to same-sex marriage have talked in vague terms about a breakup of family values, but that sounds abstract and unintelligible.


Yasuhiko Watanabe, a professor of family law at Kyoto Sangyo University. Conservative lawmakers of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party have reacted angrily to the Sapporo High Court’s ruling that the lack of legal provisions for same-sex marriage in Japan is unconstitutional.

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I find it difficult to listen to conservative lawmakers talk about the break up of family values when A. they are swanning around with women in bikinis at functions. B. They seem to be against shared custody of children and support child abductions and C. they had no problem breaking up Japan domiciled families in 2020.

You are concerned about the breakup of family values? Fine. No problem with that. Make sure you do something so that ALL families are not broken up.

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Well, that's the thing, when people want to make up stuff without actual support from objective evidence the only things left are vague, unsubstantiated claims.

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Conservatives in the LDP ... sound ... unintelligible. That would partly be because they are rarely held to account for their bovine views by journalists or other politicians. Their scripted, flabby and waffling answers are treated with undue respect and they know they will never have to hone their wits or reasoning in their whole lives.

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Too bad that people keep voting for these dinosaurs mainly out of habit.

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If there was some tangible reasoning behind their opposition, even if I disagree, I’d understand. But they don’t have one at all. It’s just toeing the line as usual. Letting old heads hold the country back for no reason is what this government does but come on. “It would destroy our birthrate” or whatever… I’m not suddenly dating men because they can marry. Unless the opposition is covering up their own private lives lol

With the weekly scandals and asinine comments from big reps in the organization, just check mark this and get your international PR win LDP. These people would rather sit in the office being told they are doing a bad job and that being the thing that defines their terms instead of the praise and lasting reputation of doing a good one for minimal effort.

same sex marriage is the least our troubles, just do it so we can focus on actual life affecting issues like the economy or rising utilities

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I bet Sanae Takaichi is one of the dinosaurs.

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Family values in Japan have long been broken. Smartphones were not even banned when it is one of main culprit of broken family values.

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Partying with hired dancers, "family value", lol.

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