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Despite working hard to transport packages, it's frustrating to end up like this.


A member of the Nagasaki branch of the Tokyo Union Amazon delivery workers' labor union, expressing his regret at being laid off. Labor union members who went on strike in March to protest termination of their contracts as delivery workers for Amazon Japan in Nagasaki and other areas have lost their jobs, with their last day being April 8.

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With the shortage of drivers, I think this guy will not have a heard time finding a new job. but if he was let go for trying to unionize then boo to amazon!

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Employment in delivery is going to become much worse before improving, transnational companies are being allowed to abuse backdoors and loopholes in order to squeeze as much work from the people doing the deliveries without paying a just salary, and the public don't care as long as they get their purchases with "free" delivery fees.

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I think lately Yamato and even JP have resorted to "gig" and arubaito workers using their personal vehicles, just like Amazon has been doing for a while.

Labor protections in Japan seem to be even worse than in "right-to-work" states in the US. But, at least even in those anti-labor states, there is still some protection at the federal level. Here, it seems like there is almost none.

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