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Do they think we’ll go back to the high-growth era if we just keep repeating the cycle of Tokyo Olympics, Osaka Expo and Sapporo Olympics? It’s pathetic that their mindset is stuck in the Showa Era (1926-1989).


A 59-year-old woman from Tokyo criticizing the Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025. Scheduled to open in less than a year, the expo is facing significant criticism and a lack of enthusiasm from the public.

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Do they think we’ll go back to the high-growth era if we just keep repeating the cycle of Tokyo Olympics, Osaka Expo and Sapporo Olympics? It’s pathetic that their mindset is stuck in the Showa Era (1926-1989).

More perspicacity in this lady than in the entire LDP, their bureaucracy and economic think tanks combined.

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A 59-year-old woman from Tokyo criticizing the Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025

Even she was born in 1965, which still in Showa era but she knew that era has changed. There's no meaning to force repeating glory in the past. Well done!

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These mass physical events like Expos are a lot less relevant or popular in today's wired virtual world. Japan's planners are living in the 1960s.

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Make this woman Prime Minister!

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It’s often difficult to get the Japanese proud or enthusiastic about anything. If someone has a big result or a win, instead of celebrating it the pressure is on as to whether or not they can repeat it again next year, which they will now be expected to do. If someone fails or has a fall from grace though they all perk up , gather and start chattering.

There is a weird sense of background defeatism and resignation to many people’s mindset that I’ve been trying to put my finger on for decades now. Many ( not all of course ) don’t look to, nor seek a better anything. Is it the working conditions, the conveyor belt promotion system, a dreary education system that leads to a lack of imagination or agency? As an Aussie where we love to celebrate each others small wins and victories and are genuinely happy for those that have them, it’s somewhat perplexing. I know this Osaka expo has been badly planned and communicated, but wanting it to fail is a different mindset altogether. Have a bit of pride guys, Japan is still an awesome country if you want it to be ね!

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Japan's glory days are over. They have been over for three and a half decades. This lady is obviously a pragmatic realist of whom can think outside the box. Very rare in Japan

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They still think the "prestige" they supposedly get from hosting these events will make everyone outside the country think Japan is sugoi. Most things here are done style over substance. I'm sure the Expo will come in under budget and be a resounding success. Says no one.

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This is an appealing statement but is probably incorrect. "the cycle of Tokyo Olympics, Osaka Expo and Sapporo Olympics" is not expected to get us "back to the high-growth era". I don't like the people pushing these events and oppose them, but don't think that is the logic being used.

What events are are part of the older idea of "bread and circuses" social control in politics. Just keep the plebs distracted. They are also a handout to the construction industry in a country of increasing dereliction (akiya).

Considering there has been 30 years of stagnation, there is very little political discussion about "growth" in Japan. It is not a headline issue.

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Make this woman Prime Minister!

She couldn't do any worse than any of the jokers currently in office. She's got my vote.

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These events are really side shows at the LDP circus. The real issue is the demographic cliff and the fact the most women will not have any children. The show is over.

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Actually those Expos are a very good publicity to and for Japan, and can also bring some local development, as it happened in 2005 during the Aichi 2005 Expo.

They build a self driving monorail train line, a stadium, a skate ring, and a nice, artistic park.

So it's not all that bad.

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it sounds good, but that’s not what they think. the goal isn't that lofty.

its a jobs program.

all the workers and their families are spending those wages in the local economy. the same for companies supplying materials and all ancillary products and services.

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The problem with the Expo is simply such, that only the wokies and extreme eco greenies celebrate themselves there. I guess, when you have seen any one countries' pavilion there, you know how all they others look like too. Nobody needs such a massive propaganda shower and even paying for it. For such it's sufficient to switch on any radio or TV set.

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It is good to hear a Japanese person saying it! Now if only Japan had a viable opposition party.

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I remember a former friend of mine become ecstatic when it was announced Osaka would hold Expo. That quickly turned to rage when I did not share that enthusiasm. I'm not joking. RAGE. She said I should go back to my home country, simply because I did not share her sentiment. I listed umpteen reasons why Osaka would be better spending its money on education, social welfare systems, and more, but she would have none of it. A third person we were with, who has a child with severe autism and has always needed help, agreed with me and said more money should be put into the system instead of a big show no one really wants, and I swear she almost told her to "go home", except that she was also Japanese. Haven't talked to her since, but I have no doubt that is in part because she is avoiding having to hear the truth and see the scandals and costs involved, how it has sky-rocketed (because of the war in Ukraine and Covid, of course! Not because of construction bid-rigging and the lack of interest), and more. It'll be a MASSIVE boondoggle and the mayor will say he could never have seen that coming... then he and the governor will switch jobs again and push for something equally as stupid.

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