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Even as more Japanese wives work outside the home, husbands’ household work time is still surprisingly short compared with those in other developed countries.


Michinori Hirata, a professor emeritus of home economics at Hiroshima University’s Faculty of Life and Environmental Science. Burdened with household chores and outdated notions about work, Japanese women get the least amount of sleep among 33 countries surveyed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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I recently found out that cooking and vacuum cleaning is fun. Husbands can start household chores for their own rewarding moment and self development.

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No one helps when it comes to house schores, it's their duty.

It can be applied for both husband and wife.

But lets face the issue: most husbands do no do their job at home. I hate when they say help: help with the schores, help with the kids.

Help with the schores: it's his duty, he lives there.

Help with the kids: it's his responsibility. They are his own kids.

And using the "I work a lot" excuse is far from ok. If your job does not let you be with your family, either change it, quit it or find a solution with your partner. But just because you are the only one working and/or you have a higher salary it doesn't take away your duties from you.

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I have away done 90% of the cooking and 90% of the heavy cleaning. I also help with the big shopping.

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Just another metric in which Japan is lagging behind the developed world. Unsurprisingly related to the way women are being discriminated in the Japanese society.

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I feel like I have been hearing this kind of thing for decades. It used to be the same in other countries too. But Japan doesn't change so, as we are repeatedly reminded, it's the culture. For what is culture but the now-inappropriate, unconscious social instinct of a previous era that lingers on killing reason and good sense. If you live by "culture", you die by "culture". To overcome it, you have to become more self-aware and there are vast impediments to that in Japan, not least that there is no real introspection beyond the repeat of these hackneyed truisms.

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"Surprisingly"? Who's surprised?

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Bob...That's a Bingo!!

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No Bob, that's not a bingo. They're out drinking with co-workers until 11 pm. They could say, "Sorry folks, I have a family life", but that would ruin a convenient excuse to hang out with the guys and sink some brews.

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There are many reasons men do less around the household and it starts from childhood.

-boys are not expected to do chores, but instead go to school and get good grades, jukus and all the other extracurricular activities.

-When they enter college, that is the time they get to play and enjoy their lives.

-Marriage, from my understanding for men is so they can have the woman cook, clean and bring in the money and so they can keep on enjoying their lives.

That is why women do not want to marry and more reasons beyond what I just listed.

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