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It is difficult for the school alone to investigate bullying because some bullying occurs outside classrooms or involves students from other schools. If a child goes to the police, it is easier for the perpetrator to admit guilt.


The principal of a public junior high school in Tokyo. According to an education ministry survey, about 680,000 cases of bullying were recognized in schools nationwide in fiscal 2022. Schools consulted police on about 2,000 of these cases.

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What a cop out! Schools can't be bothered to deal with bullying, and in many cases turn a blind eye to it. This is one aspect to Japanese culture that I can never accept and can't understand why it is still so prevalent here.

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The schools should be able to bring in a counselor trained for school bullying. They should also help with contact with the police if required.

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This just sounds like excuses. Most bullying is inside the same school.

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That’s expecting a lot from a bullied. How about the vice principal earns his/her pay and help the kid and his/her parents talk to police.

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Read "we condone bullying by our inaction."

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