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It is difficult to rely on only permanent employees to manage our grocery store sales spaces, and this allows us to move more part-timers into core roles.


A spokesperson for Aeon Retail, a core company of the Aeon Group. The supermarket giant Aeon Retail Co is eliminating the wage gap between part-time employees in charge of sales floors and permanent employees who do the same job.

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Yeah, right... reducing the wage gap? maybe. But hiring more part-timers and not allowing more full-time employees will save them millions upon millions in insurance (health, pension, etc.), and THAT is why they're doing it.

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To fully appreciate Aeon Retail, I suggest, failure to fully declare there agenda,

First it would be wise to research here...

Types of Employment Contracts in Japan


Aeon Retail intentions must be open and transparent.

Will the same contractual obligations be implemented regardless of hours?

That's all terms and conditions, including pension status?

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'Wage gap'? It's semantics. If you're full-time (say 40 hours a week) and paid (hypothetically) $15/hr, that's a lot different from being part-time (say 20 hours a week) and paid that same $15/hr. That isn't a 'wage gap', it's permanent earnings disparity that won't change. Nice face-saving PR, though.

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Reduce the wage gap?How?

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