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Many bus drivers are approaching retirement age and the pool of drivers is shrinking.


An official with West Japan JR Bus Co. A shortage of bus drivers is shadowing the prospect of a need for more bus services in the future. More than 30 bus operators from across Japan set up booths at a job fair held in Osaka in late May.

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Just single accident even while not working can really jeopardize your job, not including long hour they need to encounter.


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You will find that most will keep working until their late 70,s to cover the shortage of drivers. This is just not happening in Japan,

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Well, as many of the Pollyannas say, we will have more space on the bus in future. Just nobody to drive it.

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offer normal salaries and working conditions-and there will be no shortage of drivers at all.

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Recently we have had new young female bus drivers.

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We are constantly being told that driver-less buses and taxis are just around the corner. Which is it? A driver shortage or self driving?

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At least these legacy drivers grew up when driving meant watching the road to some extent and not 90% of your time occupied with a smart phone. Scare times ahead.

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The city bus drivers in my town don't look that old. Maybe it's a JR-specific problem? Perhaps some municipal governments pay more and/or offer better benefits than JR?

(Keihan also has a few lines in my city. But, they run on the other side of the tracks, literally. So, I don't really see them or their drivers too often.)

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Sadly, you can substitute the words “bus drivers” in the above title with almost any other job in Japan, and it’ll still be true.

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"The city bus drivers in my town don't look that old."

Never judge a book by its cover.

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