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Many children are unable to tell even their parents, let alone the police, about these problems.


Mizuki Kawamoto, a lawyer who supports victims of sexual violence. An online survey by the nonprofit ChildFund Japan found that 12.4 percent of about 1,700 respondents aged 15 to 24 received requests from people they became acquainted with online, such as sending sexually explicit selfies or meeting in person.

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respondents aged 15 to 24

While online predators are certainly a problem for children, a whole 70% of respondents targeted in this ChildFund survey (those who are 18 - 24 years old) are not in fact children.

How is it a crime for a 23 year old to be asked to "meet in person" with someone they become acquainted with online?

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they became acquainted with online, such as sending sexually explicit selfies or meeting in person.

Why they meet stranger in the first place? Those assault weren't happened because someone just entering their house unexpectedly, they invite them to join their life.

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quote: 70% of respondents ... are not in fact children

quote: 12.4 percent of about 1,700 respondents ,,, received requests.

So, 87.6% didn't get the requests and most weren't kids anyway.

Although parents and teachers may well need to do more to warn kids about this, this survey has been manipulated to create a story.

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I consistently motivated my children to openly discuss anything that was causing them concern or distress.

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You don't protect your children by not telling them about the horrid of the world. You warn them, so they're aware if it's happening to them and they can hopefully avoid it.

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But the platform has no liability? Just a black box where anything goes.

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Psychologically they want in fact oppose you and try out all hidden or forbidden things. Tell them instead, that 24 hrs. smartphone use, SNS, dating sites, sending private pictures and meeting unknown strangers etc is considered very cool and liked among all adults and you will be astonished how quickly and surely you can see a significant improvement of the situation.

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