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Mountainous regions, remote islands and other provincial areas, on the contrary, will see a sharp drop in the number of elderly residents and a shortage of those who could support their lives, so nursing care will cease to be operable as a business there.


Tatsuaki Takano, a professor of welfare care with Toyo University in Tokyo, saying the so-called “late-stage elderly,” or those aged 75 or older, will notably increase in number in Japan’s urban areas after 2040.

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A great opportunity for rewilding parts of Japan; bring back the native forests, reintroduce some of the extinct animals, get rid of some dams, remove unnecessary concrete, etc. This alone could provide useful and valuable work, temporarily revitalising some areas.

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Good....that's the kind of place I want to live.

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Well, that's most of Japan,so good luck.

I agree with you all, that's where I want to be.

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Reintroduce extinct animals? Where are they going to come from?

I wouldn't want to live in a place where I couldn't get health care from my grandmother.

What place is it where people want to live so badly? It just seems bad, hopeless, and sad.

What am I missing? I don't get it. Although I'd love to see a Wooly Mammoth. Now that would be great.

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Reintroduce extinct animals? Where are they going to come from?

Well, like the animals that have been eradicated in Japan but still exist in the world. As far as rivers are concerned, otters are a good example. The concreting of river banks, among other things, has rendered them extinct in Japan but there are still otters elsewhere - not identical but closely related. The bird known as "toki" (crested ibis) and the oriental stork used to be widespread but disappeared from Japan, mainly from pesticide use during rice growing. They were reintroduced from mainland Asia.

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Lucky we have professors to tell us what every logical person knows and get paid for it with our money

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...and a shortage of those who could support their lives.

A problem created and sowed by the lack of any initiative by the Japanese national govt. to decentralize and not offering major tax incentives to companies and universities to locate to these provinces. Telework was 20 years behind and too late and is once again reversing. Things that could be done hasn't been.

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Replenish these areas with young people who can make use of the resources in rural areas for productive reasons.

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