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Remote work can make it harder to manage employees, hinder communication and prevent the formation of human networks.


Professor Tsukasaki Yuko of Taisho University, commenting on a recent survey by Teikoku Databank of 27,628 companies which found that nearly 40% of respondents planned to end remote work and return to the pre-pandemic style.


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Can make it harder to manage employees, if you're a bad manager and have bad employees.

Formation of human networks??? Oh, so you want your staff in the office, socializing with each other instead of working?

Centralized offices are dead (and bad for the environment)

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So can sitting in a repressive, dead air silent office with some idiot boss glaring at everyone too. For productivity and connection to rise, much work to be done there is.

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That's true, but it also makes your employees feel less like slaves. That's why a hybrid approach (some days in, some days out) is best.

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The quote possesses truth in some ways, but saying that it is harder to manage is debatable. Micro managers will micro manage even if they aren't around to watch you.

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you can always count on Japan to regress.

Remote working cuts down on office harassment, commute time, useless office gossip and micromanagement. The Japanese workplace is toxic. Remote working can and did fix that.

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Not to mention if Japan completely switched to a remote working style more people would buy larger houses in the countryside than tiny city apartments.

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We switched because we could.

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Which is why if I'm a manager i'd like the staff to be in the ofc and if I'm the staff I'd like to work remotely

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Hilarious a professor says this, undoubtedly a super old one I’m sure.

Almost all western outlets found their remote work efforts increased efficiency with task completion and worker satisfaction levels rising. Why would Japan be any different. WFH doesn’t fit all jobs sure, but it was an undoubted success for those who earnestly did it and worked out the bugs of such programs. Felt like Japan just followed a buzz word trend and put everything back the way it was with 0 consideration ASAP.

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At the end of the day, companies are organizations to make profit. If remote work leads to higher profits, and I have heard/read that companies are making record profits, then it is ridiculous to revert to a less profitable model.

Some will have been making record profits without closing their city center offices.

Get everyone to work from home, close your office, and you'll have even higher profits.

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Of course all those problems could be solved with proper management of human resources, but companies would prefer just to take the easy option to force their employees to work on site even if that is less productive.

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Virusrex, worked it out years ago. Raising productivity is NOT an actual goal here, still wondering what the goal are though! Very mysterious!

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The solution is obvious: fewer managers.

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Noone remotely working efficiently around here.

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It’s middle managers who suck the life out of companies, productivity and people. If they can see it being done, it isn’t getting done. Useless reports that no one reads, mind-numbing meetings where nothing gets done, the air filled with buzzwords.

Lazy people usually did the most efficient way to get things done.

Contrary to the professor, all surveys seem to show that remote work has improved productivity of people.

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Damn autocorrect.

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piskianToday  08:06 pm JST

Noone remotely working efficiently around here.

This person named Noone should be commended.

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I have worked as a manager on different levels many years in Japan, partly remoty. At home, I enjoyed the 'silence' (less interruptions). However, I appreciated the opinions and ideas received F2F in our office very much. They inspired me and influenced my decisions. Video meetings could not replace F2F! I assume it was the same for our engineers.

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