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Shibuya is home to the most startup companies in the capital. We will be taking advantage of this feature as the driving force for our ward’s development.


Ken Hasebe, mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward which has more than 2,000 startup firms. Aiming to nurture innovation-driven startups that would compete globally, Shibuya has created a joint-stock company with the participation of private companies.

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Really ? Is that why I pay 160.000 yen to Shibuya ward just to change my address and 38000 a month in local company tax ?

i really felt welcome

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... So the start ups are small one room clothing shops?

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1,995 will fail.

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That’s right, they don’t have much of a chance and will mostly exist only temporarily. But I would admit, that it is creating a city district that has vitality, vivid lifestyle and much changes all the time. That’s surely more interesting and attractive than profitable rice paddies in a rural area where’s almost nothing else than those rice paddies. And maybe, one unexpected day, one of the many thousands startups is a pearl and developing into something bigger and becomes a significant economy factor. Who knows, hope dies last, right?

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Am staying in a hotel in Shibuya currently. Nice...kind of.

It's a bit grey here

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