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The amount of cargo we handle is expected to continue to grow, making it difficult to provide stable transportation.


Yamato Transport Co executive officer Tatsuya Suzuki. The shipping company will launch domestic cargo flights in April 2024 in cooperation with the Japan Airlines group to tackle the looming labor shortage in the logistics industry.

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Yamato has great service but it’s completely overworked clearly. The customer first, style of it is great when you want a package but these people sprint back to the truck after deliveries, sprint back for the next. Slowing down or allowing a full extra day for deliveries wouldn’t be the worst thing imo. Japan isn’t big so delivery speed is already wildly fast even with a rush or timed delivery

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I love these guys, always smiling, they do a great job of hiding their urgency even though they are in a hurry. My area has really cool people working for both Yamato and Sagawa. It is a shame they do not get the same treatment by their employer as say UPS who has a good track record of raising salaries and employee benefits. If these companies want to tackle labor shortage, they need to start with retaining them first.

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They are great,but having to return for deliveries when people are obviously out is inefficient.

Looking busy is not a good look nowadays.

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Use Japan's fabulous rail network to move freight. Fewer emissions by rail.

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