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The atmosphere of the neighborhood is bad, so residents do not walk about at night.


Susumu Ashihara, 83, who heads the Wakabacho neighborhood association in Yokohama. He was referring to the increase in foreign male prostitutes who often approach men walking by and ask in broken Japanese if they want a good time.

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It's a fairly commercial area right beside a major entertainment district, not much of a "neighborhood." Who are the customers? I'm assuming the streetwalkers choose that "neighborhood" - and not others - for a particular reason.

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"Hellooo, sailor !" ; )

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Wise solution: Man up and politely decline. Unwise solution: Speak to a journalist, advertising the ready availability of male prostitutes in your area to the entire planet on the internet.

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Take their photo.

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Why take their photo? Harass the customers causing the entire situation.

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Quote of the day?

I think JT readers deserve a better understanding of the ladyboy full story..


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Lol! This is hilarious!! Lots of Japanese men who I don't know spend all day trying to make eye contact, get close or make conversation with me wherever I go - restrooms, on the train, in the streets, in bars, in front of my house. It's all unwanted and unsolicited and has been going on for decades. Getting back what many are giving is just terrible, huh? You should just learn enjoy this new 'atmosphere,' Mr. Ashihara. It's way past ancient for me.

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