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The dwindling birthrate and aging of the population are gradually progressing in Okinawa. We will be closely watching the figures to determine if the natural decline is temporary.


An Okinawa Prefecture government spokesperson. The prefecture posted more deaths than births from Oct 1, 2021, to Sept 30, 2022, its first annual natural population decline since such counts became available in 1975.

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We will be closely watching the figures to determine if the natural decline is temporary.

“We will hold many useless meetings to determine the cause”

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Okinawa has been the prefecture which has done the best in terms of fertility rates. If they are experiencing serious population drops then it will be even more worrying.

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Okinawa is difficult to live in as a foreigner. Regardless of your look or actual job, everyone will think and treat you like you're in the military. Unfortunately, that means that sustaining a civilian lifestyle in Okinawa is not appealing. Visiting Okinawa is fun. Living there is a whole other thing.

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We need to discuss and fax our findings to be able to come up with a conclusion about the declining birthrate in Okinawa, starting from one island to another.

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Okinawa is probably the few places outside Tokyo that has a real chance of attracting younger people due to its unique climate, along with Hokkaido.

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