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The government should once again discuss the power generation system.


Takehiko Kakiuchi, chairman of Mitsubishi Corp, which is planning offshore wind power generation projects. He said Japan's current power grid is fragmented by region and failing to be an optimal solution to fill the gap between supply and demand nationwide.

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The chairman spoke of a unified and interconnected power grid, and how the current (no pun intended) one was fragmented due largely to Japan’s unique geography. To rectify this, many power experts are calling for an advanced transmission system that incorporates high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines, along with smart grid technologies. To meet future flexible supply towards flexible demand.

If you are like me, you immediately started to ponder costs. Unfortunately it is not easy to give estimates at the start gate. However, an excellent discussion of transmission costs comparison between buried and overhead line siting is offered by NextGen Highways at:


An excellent technical discussion can be accessed from MDPI here: https://www.mdpi.com/1996-1073/16/11/4413 . And a description of the chairman’s current design project is available here: https://eepower.com/news/hvdc-transmission-expansions-in-japan-us/ .

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Countries need national grids and storage cells for solar and wind generated power. Forget the cost. This is basic infrastructure. No energy generation = no lighting, heating or economy.

Land that cannot be used for farming and residential will get a cash value boost as it can be used for solar/wind generation or planted for carbon capture. Land around Fukushima Daiichi should be cheap - much of it cannot be used for residential or farming. Fill it with solar panels or trees. Japan is an island so make use of that offshore territory and fill it with turbines.

Distributed power generation moving a surplus into the national grid/cells is also important. Stop talking about it and start building it.

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Says the Hosokawa clan.

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There are huge problems with the power generation system in Japan, fragmentation is just the most immediate one. Unfortunately it is going to take a huge change in order to solve everything and nothing seems to be changing even a little.

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One suggestion was running a grid of high-voltage cables right around the coast of Honshu and Shikoku buried under the sea.

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