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The perception that caregiving work is tough and poorly paid has taken root, leading high school students to be discouraged from enrolling.


Yukari Maeyama, head of the welfare and social care course at Saga Women’s Junior College, which aims to train certified care workers. Junior colleges and vocational schools in Japan that train caregivers are increasingly accepting foreign students amid little interest in the field among Japanese.

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Perception? Pretty certain it's fact here in Japan.

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Very tough job considering the ease of typical office work.

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The perception that caregiving work is tough and poorly paid has taken root

Yes, I believe it is. Is there any data to the contrary?

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Currently living with my wife's grandmother who is 88 temporarily because we were worried if an earthquake happens, the house she was in wouldn't hold. Looking for a new place for her nearby in the meantime, but this experience has made me respect these caregiver jobs much more. It is quite stressful and they deserve to have more pay to be able to unwind and take care of themselves as well. If you can't look after yourself, you can't look after others.

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Hardly surprising, migration to fulfill "3Ds" jobs (or 3 Ks in Japanese) is well described, I hope at least the foreign students rights will be protected.

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Ok, after many years those Einsteins have the problems finally detected and named. So with only a very low amount of logic necessary and applied, how about fixing it all immediately by lower workloads and higher wages payments? lol

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Caregiving is tough, and it's thankless, and it's poorly paid. It's also one of the jobs that'll lead to stress and burnout fast and in Japan? I bet they'll burn out faster. Not surprised there's little interest in the field.

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A few years ago when my wife was getting unemployment benefit, Hello Work offered her continued payment of unemployment benefit for two years, full tuition fees, and a train pass (40,000 a month) to go to train at senmon gakko for two years to become a care giver. The entire package would have cost something like five million yen. They offered this to a mother of three young kids who probably couldn't work long hours. The whole struck me as a sign of desparation.

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That's not only perception sadly....

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