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The probability of solitary death will certainly increase in society from now on. It is important that we tackle the issue head-on and properly.


Health minister Keizo Takemi. A total of 21,716 people died at home alone between January and March, and about 80% of them were 65 years old or older, according to figures released by the National Police Agency.

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Ok, so what's the actual solution for that?


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Get a roommate. All your dreams come true. For an antisocial society this seems good.

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It's not just the death but the solitary lives!!!

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This could be a quote from 2001. Or even before.

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Frankly, after watching my sister die in front of my eyes (which was terribly hard to do), let me die alone. It is not a comfort to me that my loved ones will be there to watch me slobber and gasp for air and moan. . .and all the other stuff a dying person does. If you had only seen what I saw.

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