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The return on real estate investment is now higher in Tokyo than in other Asian cities, such as Taipei or Singapore.


Takeshi Ide, a senior researcher at Tokyo Kantei Co, a real estate assessment company. With real estate prices soaring in the capital, home buyers in central Tokyo are largely limited to wealthy couples and foreign investors.

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So you think that ¥200 million high rise mansion is going to be worth more in 15 years?

Good luck with that.

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I am considering my exit strategy from Tokyo. It is fine for work. On my list are Kobe, Oita and back to the US (which has its own housing bubble).

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Everything build in Japan looses value in 20 years from now because of poor materials used and low overall design and construction costs.

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Where is the article?

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Where is the article?

There is none. It's the quote of the day, which one can recognize from the heading "Quote of the Day". That means it is just a quote. Of a day. Which is today.

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Finance 101, but the guy is saying "return". He means potential capital gains from flipping, doesn't he? I doubt he means yields on rentals.

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The only winner in this market are guys making comments like that with his 2-3% cut of each transaction. Buyers will ultimately end up bankrupt and sellers will have no way to get back into the market for years. Best to sit it out and rent.

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Living in some overpriced Tokyo condo that is growing by 1% a year doesn’t provide an income just a dinner party topic of conversation which is kinda boring

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