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Trials have been made over the past one or two years, and I think things will come down to one of the two.


Koichi Mizutome, president of Food & Life Companies Ltd, parent company of Akindo Sushiro, saying the future of conveyor-belt sushi depends on customers’ choice between the go-round style and the order-based style.  Rotating sushi-serving chain operators face a tough decision following the COVID-19 pandemic and a spate of malicious pranks by attention-seeking customers.

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There is conveyor-style, and there is order-style.

I think things will come down to one of the two.

Is he suggesting there is somehow a third style?

(Teleportation-style? 3D-printing-style? Do-it-yourself-style? No-sushi-for-you-style?)

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It's hard to know why this is being framed as an either/or. All the major chains had touch panel orders together with rotating sushi for at least fifteen years pre-pandemic. In Sushiro's case, they used to send out table ordered sushi in a coloured coded plate on the regular rotating lane. "This is for the orange table" , "this is for the crimson table" etc. Now at Sushiro, there is a siding at each table so the sushi automatically stops at your table.

The firms will have detailed data on whether rotating food encourages customers to buy more. I expect the restaurants to do what sells the most. That is the customer "choice" they are interested in.

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I like the combination. I like being able to see all the different kinds of sushi available and sometimes get the urge to just grab something I've never tried. It's also nice to be able to order something from the touch screen pad and get it right away.

Another chain doesn't have the rotating belt and has a straight belt that goes directly to your table/counter seat. It's fine and fast but it always feels like something's missing without the rotating conveyer belt with all the different colorful sushi going around.

I hope they keep both options available.

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I'll pass on the conveyer belt unless every item is covered. See far too many people breathing on or sneezing near the dishes.

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It would be easy enough to cover the sushi dishes with clear plastic covers without altering the system.

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I prefer the rotating belt since you can see how the sushi looks like , and you can randomly pick without ordering on the tablet.

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