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We can't immediately increase the number of buses due to a shortage of drivers, so we'd like people to make way for each other so that everyone can use them with peace of mind.


A Kyoto municipal transportation bureau official. A rapid recovery in demand for buses in Kyoto as tourists pour into the area is causing headaches for people with baby strollers.

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Or they could promote and liberalize rules on Uber and other ride sharing and hailing services, instead of making everyone suffer from their own bad planning.

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Kyoto is one of the best cities to walk in Japan. I lived there between 2012 and 2017. and since then I often go to Kyoto from Ishikawa on business .I always enjoy wallhing from Kyoto station to 3条 Oikedori, Maruta Machi, Sanjokai Shotengai,etc. There is also a one day subway pass you can buy for 800 yen. There is the Keihan line that goes from Demachi Yanagi through fushimiku and on to Osaka. There is also the Hankyu line from 4条河原町 called Kyoto Kawaramachi station that you can take to Arashi yama and Osaka Umeda. Also the JR lines. Its a great city for wallking and other forms of public transportation no need to take the bus which are always crowded.

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causing headaches for people with baby strollers

I don’t understand a word. When I was younger, people with baby cars and strollers had the commonly accepted priority, as well as seniors , blind or otherwise disabled people. Priority on entering and of course on seating. Passengers with babies and kids had to pay a little bit more fare for consuming much more space for the stroller, but they were treated with priority by everyone. In doubt even other people left the bus or train to make space for the young mother, taking the next one available train or bus then. Of course during morning and late afternoon business rush hour it had some angry voices too, but not so very significant. That was of course another era, when birth rates were high but still children were treated like a treasure by society. That’s been the complete contrary of nowadays , although a very few attempts have now been started again, but very far from sufficient or enough to make the situation any better.

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That really is the quote of the day. Contender for quote of the month.

Looking forward to a surge in the yen when the BoJ raises interest rates and a corresponding drop in tourist numbers...

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"we just can't find drivers!"

Read : Nobody is able and/or willing to work for 980 yen per hour.

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I think driving buses in Kyoto must be a very stressful job.

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The average driver bus salary in Kyoto, Japan is ¥3764465 or an equivalent hourly rate of ¥1810.

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All buses have a max capacity, that is always displayed in a visible banner.

Not in Japan.

I've never seen one of those here.

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I hope bus drivers has time to have hobbies like taking pictures of flowers.

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Switch to double-deckers, preferably EVs. Quiet, no emissions choking the folk of Kyoto and lots more capacity.

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Driving a bus requires real-time concentration, decision-making and problem-solving abilities; by definition, the driver cannot be distracted by scrolling through ThickTok on the stupidphone...

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