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We need as many charging stations as there are gas stations.


Terra Motors Chairman Toru Tokushige. The charging network operator plans to jump-start Japan’s stagnant electric vehicle market by installing 1,000 rapid chargers in the parking lots of supermarkets, convenience stores and other commercial facilities in Tokyo over the next two years.

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Not if the cars are small, light and have solar panels on the roof!

The Dutch Squad Solar gives up to 30km of FREE travel per day. This is the way to go!

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We need fewer cars.

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No, because many cars will charge at home and/or work. That does not happen with gasoline-powered cars.

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Maybe rethinking that walking on a misleading path will already help a lot.

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Actually more. It takes less than 5 minutes to fill a tank. How long to charge a battery?

And how many kilometers does that tank last versus one charge?

Yes, you can put charging stations at homes and other places, but you’ll need a lot more of them overall.

Which means that you’re going to have to dramatically increase electricity production, too. So-called renewables aren’t actually renewable—they take lots of rare earth metals and other resources to make. Adding electrical capacity through coal isn’t going to help air pollution problems one bit. So unless Japan has plans in the works for a dozen new nuclear plants, electric vehicles are going nowhere fast.

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