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We want to distribute the money to the generation that is struggling and promote this in our recruitment activities.


Kazuhiko Hara, CEO of Niigata Prefecture supermarket operator Axial Retailing Co, headquartered in the city of Nagaoka. The company will help employees pay back their student loans.

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What happens to these workers' wages? Stay the same? Why not just pay your workers properly in the first place?

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@JeffLee well said !

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They want to promote and make PR stints like this to make it seem like they are caring for their workers and doing something innovative when the reality is they aren't paying proper wages.

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Have my upvote SDCA for telling the truth.

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how abt to pay a normal salaries to own workers dear supermarket "samaritans" so workers can pay back their/even school/loan?

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I think they have to use such scheme because they can't only raise the wages of the young employees without giving even bigger raises to the older staff.

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Just pay them more then. The obsession with “new hires and young workers must be paid less and struggle for 5 years is stupid and just making the problem they’re in

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What generation do they mean? All generations are struggling one way or another.

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But the struggles of the older generations will be over sooner.

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Raising wages is much more expensive than just paying student loans of young workers.

1) Young workers are fewer

2) Increase in wages of any tier will mean increase the wages of every tier... and older workers cost more.

it is a Feel Good Inc., stunt. And problably, if they increase the wages the company may go bankrupt.

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How many supermarket employees have debt from student loans? It would make a bit more sense if this was a tech or engineering company.

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We want to distribute the money to the generation that is struggling

so, in other words, everyone in the current working class?


how about just giving competitive salaries to all the minions?

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