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We want to ensure the safety of climbers by implementing these measures.


Yamanashi Governor Kotaro Nagasaki. The prefectural government plans to set up a gate at the fifth station of Mount Fuji and begin collecting entry fees this year, and also control the number of climbers to ease congestion and prevent visitors from climbing through the night.

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Safety of climbers while taxing them before they start the climb, that will be some revenue for that prefecture.

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Four times I've scaled Fuji-san, each ascent a testament to its majesty. But the mountain's soul is being choked by the venomous tendrils of commercialism. Five hundred yen for a thimble of water? On a climb where dehydration can turn fatal? Unforgivable. It's a slap in the face to the spirit of the mountain, a blatant betrayal of its life-giving essence.

For those chasing a checklist, Fuji might still tick the "bucket list" box. But the true heart of the mountain lies beyond the fifth station, past the suffocating grip of greed. Climb there, and you'll witness the breathtaking panorama, the silent communion with nature. But venture further, and you'll find only a hollow shell, where the once-sacred journey becomes a grotesque carnival.

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Long overdue.

Fuji is a World Heritage Site to be protected and revered.

Actions by climbers and other, esp over the past decade have relegated it to the bins of I want.

Another impetus to the actions taken by the prefecture, was the very real situation of Fuji losing it's World Heritage status unless it cleans up it's act.

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