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What’s in vogue now is ‘kape’ (the Korean word for cafe). Cafes are popping up one after another in locations where houses used to stand.


Oh Young-seok, 71, honorary chairperson of the Shinjuku Korean Merchants Association. Two decades after the start of Japan’s Korea craze, Shin-Okubo in Tokyo, an area with many Korean restaurants and shops, continues to attract fans of Korean pop culture and food, particularly young people.

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Trends never really last long in japan. Remember the boba craze from 2018 ? Just one year layer most of the shops had closed down again.

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I love how Shin Okubo is evolving and people enjoying the Korean culture in central Tokyo. We can enjoy Shin Okubo as a sightseeing place.

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Interesting how coffee whooped green tea as a super beverage.

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Shin-Okubo was the first place where I lived after arriving here. Not many Koreans then or the Hahal shop.

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I learnt how to make kimchi in Shin Okubo.

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