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When I talk to people from other companies, they're all in agreement that it's a great idea, and many are jealous.


Naoki Shigihara, a 20-year-old engineer who struggles to focus on work because of his hay fever. His Tokyo-based IT company Aisaac, which provides money to employees to temporarily relocate to areas of Japan where hay fever symptoms are less severe, funded his remote-work trip to Okinawa.

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I like the relocation idea. I could have done with that when I was young. I sympathise as I suffered really badly from hayfever before decent medication was available. People don't understand how disabling it can be. Luckily, anti-histamines like Loratadine and Beclometasone dipropionate work quite well now. Take your meds throughout the hayfever season. Keep the windows closed and use aircon with a HEPA filter. Change your clothes and wash your hair when you get home. You'll feel better. And maybe the government could get cracking getting rid of all those cedars they unwisely planted.

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I never got hay fever in Hawaii so...

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Wow! I would never quit that enlightened company.

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You can get kafunsho here in Ryukyu Islands from pollen from Korea,Kyushu,and nanohana flowers, so this is just an excuse.

Vaseline on the nostrils,eat proper Greek yoghurt,man up,job done.

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