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When the rapid-growth period was over, and Japan’s traditional life-long employment system ended, the government failed to gain consensus from taxpayers to shift the burden of this safety network from families to society.


Takanori Fujita, an author of a popular book, "Elders Descending into Poverty." As Japanese society ages and the government cuts social welfare spending, older women who live alone are bracing for the impact.

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The temp worker corporations are huge and I’m sure they have a stock pile of brown bags. The Japanese government rewrote the laws to favor the temp corps, this is no secret. The corps have been doing this in all major nations. Slave labor rules.

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Corporations in all the neo-lib economies are using more and more of their income on buybacks, cash hoarding, executive pay and dividends, and less and less on workers' wages.

So, expect larger fiscal debt in these countries, higher taxes (for individuals), and workers needing support like food stamps even though they work 40 hours a week for large, extremely wealthy corporations. That's largely what the 3Rd Arrow of "Reform" is about.

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The "lifetime employment system" is still in existence for a significant fraction of all Japanese workers. Civil servants, school teachers, a large fraction of all Japanese university academics, and large corporation regular employees are still covered by "lifetime employment." Both Japanese and foreign academics who have studied "lifetime employment" in Japan have come to the conclusion that reports of its death are premature.

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I am in a large company with lifetime employment. At 55 the well-paid and underworked bosses are sent to a subsidiary to spend 5 more years. My current boss is early 50's and does no work but somehow has to take all the travel budget for himself. It is a disgusting system and I am a parasite on it. The worst part is the temporary workers, they do as much work for probably 1/4 of what we are paid considering benefits. I could not really imagine a more unfair labor system.

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