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A growing number of people have unlimited use plans, so it is not necessary for them to go online with free Wi-Fi.


A spokesperson for Tokyo Metro Co, which had introduced free Wi-Fi for all of its nine subway lines by the end of March 2021. But it ended the service at the end of June last year to reduce fixed expenses and because fewer inbound tourists than expected used the service.

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Wifi in Metro how convinient is that?


You need to register first and it will be need to re-register again after every 15 minutes.

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More back and forth flip flopping. The tourists are coming idiot. It’s be great to have free wifi on the train, if you just managed to do it properly. Of course, that’s a big IF.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

fewer inbound tourists than expected used the service.

Maybe because it was installed during Covid when inbound foreign tourists were banned?

13 ( +13 / -0 )

I thought that the idea was that tourists could use them? I particularly used the convenience store wifi a lot.

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Is it any wonder Japan is lagging so far behind other nations in convenience for tourists? And these free WiFi spots are always a joke. Make a profile. Click URL. Go to email. Click that URL. Go to WiFi page. 20 page Japanese explanation, one line if you click English button. Log in. Password doesn't work. Change password. Click URL. Confirm in email by clicking that URL. Login. Internet connection symbol on phone, "No Internet Connection" message when opening apps. Repeat. IF you finally get one to work it works for about five minutes, then you have to repeat most of the above steps to log in again.

In any case, these clowns are probably still advertising themselves to tourism sites as having free wifi. This is just them being cheap and lazy, as always.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Public wifi needs VPN protection. The speeds are slow. Signing up is complicated. Time is limited. Good for tourists. Too many rinse and dry cycles.

I just use the data on my phone. Fast and safe.

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I've had unlimited for the past few years. The only time wi-fi is useful to me is when I'm lodged at a resort or hotel. Most public wi-fi is unprotected and slow.

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None of the three major carriers provide unlimited data plans. I have a 20GB which is usually enough except when I was in hospital. But the price is now very good.

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Most people consider free WiFi to be a security risk. It's easy to connect to a namealike service run by scammers. However, tourists may simply not have known about the free WiFi service in advance.

However, if you make society app-dependent, you will need pervasive free WiFi access. If your autonomous vehicles require a persistent connection, it cannot drop because you are in a tunnel or out of range.

Tourists won't typically have net access unless they rent a mobile WiFi unit or simcard package, and will only have that access after they have collected it/connected and until they run out/return their unit. That has implications for app dependency at airports.

I don't use a smartphone in the UK, so have no app access when out and about, and my home internet drops connection randomly and is off for up to 40% of the day. I would encourage people not to become overly dependent upon their internet connection. It is not a given.

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I can inform you that we have great broadband internet in Japan. I have 1,0000 Mbps that it not the fastest. Usually, I only get about 750 Mbps but heck that is more than I need. Home Wi-Fi is more than 200 Mbps. My smartphone is usually more than 100 Mbps with the new 5G.

I do not have the same fears that you have. I need my internet for my business and a smartphone is an essential device. My iPad is another essential device.

In Japan, the internet is very much a given.

You should do something about those unfounded fears.

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your internet or lack of does not seem to stop from posting.

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