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A lot of people say, 'I think I'll be OK,' without anything to support their reasoning. People need to think about what they would do if an earthquake hits — where they would escape to, what would hap


Kazuchika Asano, a senior consultant at Nomura Research Institute in Tokyo. (Bloomberg)

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Based on statistics, (the sheer size of Tokyo, the number of people, expected number of deaths, etc) most people, like 99.9% of people in Tokyo, WILL be OK. I think this guy is just trying to use scare tactics to drum up some business.

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with respect to Tokyo given that the government announced the other day that in such a situation the major highways, roads etc. out of town will be closed to normal traffic, assuming of course that said roads/highways survive the quake and are usable in the first place, I don't think any of us will be going/escaping anywhere fast. of course it doesn't hurt to be prepared with emergency supplies, copies of important documents etc. but beyond that there is not much more people can do.

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