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A lot of time, energy, and money has been wasted coming up with some really bad drinks—and it’s because of the tax system.


Tatsuo Aoki, owner of the Tokyo bar Popeye. The Finance Ministry imposes higher taxes on drinks with greater malt content. So the biggest breweries, including Asahi Group Holdings and Kirin Holdings, sell knockoffs, called "happoshu," or third beer, that may use peas, corn, or soybeans to reduce the amount of flavorful malt. (Bloomberg)

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That's a bizzare tax.

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Spot on! The ridiculously high tax on beer has been holding down Japanese beer quality for too long!

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Aoki san, you DAMNED got that RIGHT!! Happoshu is utter crap, the only reason for its sad existence is because the economy is LOUSY & the beer tax system, so they invented cheap high alcohol swill for the poor masses to keep their buzz on, nasty stuff.

Folks have one GOOD beer rather than a few of these nasty cheapies with the booze factor cranked up!

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Should read “happoshu” AND third beer.

Happoshu is like a really bad beer. "Third beer" is like... urine.

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how is some bloke who owns an unknown bar suddenly an expert on this stuff. J beer isn't that bad.

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"some bloke who owns an unknown bar"

Popeye isn't "unknown." It's a mecca for Tokyo's craft-beer drinking community.

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J beer isn't that bad.

Article isn't about J-beer which is ok, but thank goodness there are now lots of J-micro brews & also some great imported micro brews!!

The beer culture in Japan is MUCH better now than it was when I first washed up & Yebisu was the best you could find locally!

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These days there are so many great beers, craft produced and some even by the big producers but usually limited quantities or by season. In major centers its not difficult to find good beers in the stores but finding them in bars is much more impossible. I only drink real beers. The tax on beer needs to be the same and constant then the bad ones non beers will disappear.

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The Family Mart near my house always has some great beers from smaller Japanese breweries.

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"The power to tax is the power to destroy."

Daniel Webster to the US Supreme Court.
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