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A politician who does the people good is a good politician, regardless of whether he or she is a second-generation politician or worked his or her way up to become a lawmaker.


Masahiko Komura, former foreign minister whose father was a lower house member, saying there is nothing wrong with dynastic politics. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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His words are true but rather obvious to the cultured person. A dictatorship is no more inherently bad than a democracy. It is the people in power that destroy the system. Look at China. They have 'elections' making it a democracy on some level, but when your opponents seem to always disappear a few weeks before the election happens doesnt really make it a democracy when you a person wins by default.

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n is for nepotism

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Someone should have tought Masahiko Komura the terms "biased" and "vested interest" before they asked for a quote on Japanese political nepotism.

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i think another problem is that in japan people don't seem to realise the dangers involved, and might even be inclined to believe that it is better for a politician to come from a political family

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