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A private-sector company such as JR East should never be allowed to register and use facial information about those who have served prison terms.


Hiroshi Miyashita, a professor of constitutional law at Chuo University, commenting after JR East suspended a program to use facial recognition to track ex-convicts who turn up at its stations. A company official said the decision was made because a social consensus has not yet been reached on the issue.

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The fact that nobody at JR East even thought this could be unethical use of technology points out how backwards is the knowledge of these issues in the country.

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virus- exactly

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I bet Sanae would have been up for it.

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JR East suspended a program to use facial recognition to track ex-convicts who turn up at its stations. But is the technology already setup to track people, they just stopped specifically tracking ex-convicts?

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When you walk into a casino in Vegas your face is run through casino blacklists.

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Japanese train do not serve everybody, if you do not live near a train station, you could walk at least a half mile to train station

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Fare jumper beware,the end is near, their are probably 10 of thousands fare jumpers daily in Japan Google Tokyo Fare Jumpers

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Google Tokyo Train Evaders

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Does this not deserve an article rather than "quote of the day"? My first question was how do JR East obtain data on ex-convicts. Looking elsewhere, I found a reference to a system "that notifies victims and crime site managers of perpetrators' releases from prison." So does this only include ex-convicts that did something against JR East? Which could include anything from kiseru cheats to murderers.

JT, more information please.

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I agree that it would be nice to have a story on this, rather than just a quote. Sounds like an egregious invasion of privacy though.

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