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A shortage of medical gloves can lead to hospital-acquired infections. It is no exaggeration to say that this amounts to a loss of ammunition in the battle against the virus.


Professor Sugawara Erisa of Tokyo Healthcare University. A nationwide survey shows that hospitals and clinics in Japan are experiencing shortages of disposable medical gloves.


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Complaining about their own incompetence. Japan can not produce them ? I know 90 % of the gloves were pre pandemic produced in Malaysia but surely not rocket science and enough tyres to recycle here.

excuses not to treat patience more like it

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Good grief. Almost a year after the pandemic started and the supply issues have not been sorted out. It’s up to the government to ensure a smooth supply and fair distribution of PPE.

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Japan's Suga government neglected to prepare to Corona virus re-epidemic despite warning from many medical experts.

Many victim in present Japan are by a kind of "man-made disaster".

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Who can collect and send back to Earth that famous asteroid dust , surely also can produce some urgently needed medical gloves in sufficient numbers. Or not?

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