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A weak yen may be hurting Japanese households more than in the past, as the country's increasing reliance on more expensive raw material imports pushes up the cost of living.


Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Haruhiko Kuroda.

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That's called consumer inflation, which is what he has been trying to achieve for so long. Good luck getting Japanese employers to give raises to match the higher cost of living. LOL.

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It's okay, as long as Toyota and the Keidanren has record profit!

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When has Japan not been reliant on raw material imports? It always has, but because the cost of these things were fairly reasonable, Japan could get away with importing them and the cost wasn't prohibitive. But now that inflation has hit the rest of the world, and Kuroda and his cabal insist on keeping the yen weak to keep Toyota and Panasonic happy, it is coming back to bite them.

How is this genius the head of the bank of Japan if he only figured this out now?

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Don't ask for raises if you don't want them to make a profit.

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In other words, the country can no longer rely on a cheap yen to help exporters like they did in the past. Too much competition!

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It’s a race for those countries with no material resources to see how far their fiat currencies can fall.

Bring it on Japan!

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What's this clown talking about? He has been pushing for inflation and devaluation of the yen for his entire time in the job, and was being called "a genius".

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