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About 60% of stalkers who were arrested or given restraining orders have refused to go through psychiatric treatment.


A National Police Agency official. (Mainichi Shimbun)

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Ah, duh !

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Sensible guys!

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Then imprison or tag them. Stalking is not normal behaviour. They must not be allowed to ruin people's lives any more.

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It doesn't matter because not a single person has ever been "cured" of a mental illness by psychiatry. Not a single case exists, but the quasi-profession continues. It's no better than astrology.

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In this country it is better to be known as a stalker (or better yet, a former stalker) than as someone who has had psychiatric treatment. A lot of stigma attached to having your head examined.

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Considering the success rate of psychiatry, I would say that refusing psychiatric "treatment" is a good idea. On the other hand, it might be a deterrent.

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I'm with Maria on this one. Tagging them with a GPS bracelet or anklet that can't be removed - even if it isn't monitored around the clock - would certainly make the creeps a bit leery, and a little worry goes a long way, especially if you can't get rid of it. Sort of eats at the conscience, and what better way to teach them a lesson that lasts a lifetime? Simple, effective, and appreciated by the women who are subjects of the stalkers. Probably too simple an idea for the bureaucrats, though.

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Trevor, "appreciated by the women who are subjects of the stalkers", it is not only men who stalk.

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