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After coming to terms with my result, I don't understand my role in the sport anymore.


Ski jumper Sara Takanashi, after finishing fourth in the women's normal hill on Saturday night. Unable to contribute to Japan's medal count at the ongoing Beijing Olympics, Takanashi, 25, said she immediately feels like an outsider in her own sport and is questioning whether she should ski on.

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Well, it may be that your time is up. It may be her chosen sport but there's no one person who has a corner on success. No need for this coachspeak, just become a coach and then do it.

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Lots of pressure on her, unfortunately she just could not deliver on the day - it happens. Take a break, reassess, you are still young.

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its about time to quit and do something else?

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I know there is always a lot of hype about medal counts, especially golds, but being the fourth best in the world at your sport is absolutely worthwhile and a massive accomplishment.

I am reasonably sure I am not fourth best in the world at anything I do.

Now if she feels like she wants to do something else, that's different, but if she still loves the sport go for it.

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She finished 4th. It is better than like 3800000 person or something like that. Even just in the sport there must be 1000 of people with a worse finish.

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Sara is not old. The gold and silver medalists are older.

But she has been competing at world championships for over 10 years.

She is arguably the GOAT in the sport.

No one in mens or womens has won as many World Cup events.

As of last season she was still ranked 2nd.

The Olympics is a one-in-four years event and often is a hit or miss with another 4 year wait.

World Championships - World Cup - spread over a season is usually a more accurate appraisal of an athlete's ability.

She's feeling the weight of the world / media / fans pressing upon her to come up tops again and again.

That's natural. Champions are allowed to take a break.

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"Everyone falls, the only difference is champions get up."

Matshona Dhliwayo.

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How about the other 8 billion of us who are far below? Should we just give up as well?

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As browny says, she's the GOAT and her career eclipses others who did win gold medals. She should not let her lack of Olympic success define her.

It may happen in other ski jump competitions in other places, but having no snow on the jump itself, just ice formed in refrigerated rails, looks really weird.

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Sara, you soared where others feared to fly!

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Someone notable once remarked “Just being in the Olympics is a great achievement.” Agreed - There are no ‘losers’ that make the cut to be on these Olympic teams.

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Plus, Sara Takanashi’s ‘winning smile’, cute tanned face and infectious laugh will get her continued guest spots on the J talk shows and possibly, some tooth products and sunscreen endorsements.

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You should definitely ski on, Sara. But here's the thing -- stop doing it for country, start doing it for yourself. All the people who are mad at you for not winning when they had already counted your gold in the Japan tally can go and jump off the ski jump themselves, sans skis, and sans ground to land on. If pressure from the media and people in your nation is so strong that you are questioning your role, just stop asking, and stop doing it for the wrong reasons. Do it for fun, and for the excellent work you do.

"Plus, Sara Takanashi’s ‘winning smile’, cute tanned face and infectious laugh will get her continued guest spots on the J talk shows"

No, it won't. It should, but it won't. She didn't get a medal, so they will forget she existed for the time being and pretend they were always cheering for the guy who won the other day. And then they'll replay it, and replay it, and replay it, and replay it, and replay it, and replay it, and then 10,000 times more. Heck, just a week ago they were replaying Uchimura's gold medals from Summer Olympics again... and not just the last time.

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Ski as much as you want. Just know that if you are part of the Genocide Olympics you are a part of the problem, and no one has any sympathy for you.

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The pressure to succeed and the cost to get it done will challenge the mental toughness. I wish she continue to compete in China and do her best and end on a good run!

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Imagine winning almost everything for 10 years except that one big event. Huge pressure to perform in a sport in which the competitor strangely needs to be relaxed to do well. At 25 she has at least one more Olympics...

Come on Sara, there is a gold waiting for you.

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