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After the Fukushima disaster, people worried about nuclear power, but they were bound to gradually forget the fear. Furthermore, the Japanese government has been trying to make the people forget, and


Hiroaki Koide, assistant professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute. (Newsweek)

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Who's fault is that? I still worry about it.

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Actions speak louder than words and vigilance in assessing the potential risks should be gleaned from snippets as the whole truth is never going to be revealed. Mr Koide is incorrect in his assessment. Who can forget the lies and cover-ups that have never allowed the Japanese people to see how contaminated their country has become? Insect mutations that have been noted will be mirrored in the human population. How can your slightly radioactive rice ball be disregarded when compared to the pollen,tap water,dust on the street etc that has all become more RADIOACTIVE. All of this accumulation has a known impact on human health and this will become apparent...........

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