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Alfa Romeo is a sexy brand. When you buy an Alfa Romeo, you make a strong statement. It’s about your identity, being yourself, making an individual choice, and we wanted to work for a cause that match


Tiziana Alamprese, marketing director in Japan for the Italian car brand, referring to the car maker's decision to tie up with local gay organizations. In 2011, it began sponsoring gay film festivals and pride events, where it hands out red Alfa Romeo condoms. (Bloomberg)

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Bravo! Alfa Romeo.

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Yes, Bravo! Alfa Romeo! (And they know who has lots of discretionary income)

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"And they know who has lots of discretionary income"

I completely applaud Alfa's stance, but I am not sure what your statement is supposed to mean. Gay people are at all socio-economic levels.

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Being gay has nothing to do with "making an individual choice."

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Pandabelle, people who have seen my posts know that I am totally gay, so I'm just being funny (maybe that doesn't work in English...) I've read articles about strategies to get gay's discretionary income. We are DINKS - dual income, no kids. In Japan, w are not allowed to get married and raise families like in some parts of the world, and that most costly expense we do not have to pay. So we have more discretionary income (yes, I also know some of us are poor). I'd love to have the chance to use my money to raise kids, but can't do it in Japan.

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Alfa Romeo condoms. Given Alfa's reputation for being quite prone to malfunction, not sure I would wear one of theirs. Also guess that different alfa's wouldhave different appeal in the gay community - hard top, soft top, fastback etc.

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AKBfan, they are too gaudy for me.

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When you buy an Alfa, you are making a statement that you have a second car because the Alfa will drive to and from the repair shop and not much anyplace else. My family had one, never again....

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We are DINKS - dual income, no kids.

Yay! In my hometown, gay couples (DINKS) were almost wholly responsible for the gentrification of my formerly slummy neighborhood. They moved in on all the old, neglected terrace houses, and renovated them into things of beauty. And they didn't have kids of their own, but they were incredibly tolerant of their neighbours kids, including me. We will be forever in their debt!

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I was lucky enough to see an Alfa 8C Competizione in Ginza a few months back and there are few cars out there that can top it's beauty - and I'm a walking encyclopaedia on cars. An absolute stunner with a killer engine note! Gotta get one! :) (pity there are less than 1000 out there!)

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