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All of Kichijoji's businesses, schools, and other community-based groups are planning events and getting the word out, aiming to keep Kichijoji the place where everyone wants to live the most. I'm hap


Koichi Sato, 64, the vice-president of a council for revitalizing Kichijoji in the Tokyo suburb of Musashino, commenting on the results of Recruit Sumai Co's 2017 survey in which Kichijoji was ranked as the place where people most want to live in the Kanto region. (Mainichi Shimbun)

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Why would you want it more crowded than it already is? Like, who cares about residents quality of life anyway? Public image comes first, right?

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If you want to revitalize areas, try doing it in the prefectures where the population decline is becoming alarming. No part of Tokyo, no part at all, needs to be revitalized. The countryside does..

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Agree Jeff, I actually quite like Kichijoji but avoid going there on the weekends usually because of the crowds.

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No part of Tokyo, no part at all, needs to be revitalized. The countryside does..

@Aly, I'm perhaps being pedantic, but I don't think the word "countryside" is suitable in this context. (I've seen it used this way in a number of recent threads.) I completely agree that Tokyo doesn't require "revitalization". But there's a difference between "the countryside" and the various regions of Japan with their own urban centers. By most definitions of "rural", Japan's rural population is fairly high compared to other developed countries. It's decline shouldn't be surprising as farming methods improve (separate debate). I think the focus should be on urban development, but far away from Tokyo. I'm thinking of places such as Saijo in Ehime, or Ube in Yamaguchi, or a hundred other places that should be better paces to live in.

Having said all that, I like Kichijoji.

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