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An actual revision of the text of the constitution will send a very negative message to other Asian countries for whom the history of Japanese aggression is still a concern. Japan’s image as a peacefu


Annelise Riles, a professor of Far East legal studies at Cornell Law School. (Bloomberg)

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Japan is not like it once was. The post war peace time has benefited them greatly and I don't believe their past should be held against them. But revising the constitution is a little to radical in my opinion.

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"Other Asian countries" is just Korea and China. Nobody else is concerned in the slightest about Japan. China and Korea are just concerned because they are run by ultra-nationalists themselves.

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A stronger Japan is very much welcome in the Asia Pacific region. Just ask the Australians, Indians, South East Asians (Myanmar, Thai, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines). China and Korea? well no but they have their own agenda.

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The key phrase in her comment is, "for whom the history of Japanese aggression is still a concern". She could have just said "China and the Koreas" and would have said the same thing.

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"Other asian countries" being China and Korea, I guess the other countries don't matter. Clueless.

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