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An increasing number of remote workers are suffering from stress due to a lack of communication with others or difficulty distinguishing between work and private time.


A spokesperson for Peacemind Inc, a human resources consulting company based in Tokyo, which has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries about mental and physical problems caused by prolonged teleworking.

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another useless organisation making money out of people’s problems for their own benefit

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Difficulty distinguishing between work and private time

Lol. My partner spends her 2 work from home days watching Netflix, doing laundry, sleeping etc. Seems to be handling it just fine.

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"difficulty distinguishing between work and private time...." In Japan, the concept of personal time is a structural threat to the system.

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There always has been "difficulty distinguishing between work and private time" or maybe it is truer to say that there never was a dividing line between the two.

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Yes, many who were originally saying they would like to continue with teleworking after the virus now can’t wait to get to the office.

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My spouse has been teleworking since the Spring and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. She's quite stressed out by it, and because of it she actually works longer hours for less overtime. Not to mention the stress that gets projected onto the family. No, it's not a good thing at all.

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Years ago a travel agent friend of mine escorted a group tour to Hawaii. Of the five days they were in Hawaii, one was designated Free Day! The customers could do whatever they wanted. On that day, a representative of the group knocked on my friend’s hotel door and asked, What should we do?

I’m not surprised Japan Inc drones have difficulty ‘working’ from home.

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After years of schooling and work place conformity, where so many things are structured and people are conditioned into becoming a cog in a system rather than an independent thinker, it's hardly surprising that people struggle when left to their own devices.

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I know many workers are loving teleworking. We've created our own social network via Slack to keep connected, and it is working very well! Discipline is needed to keep the two worlds separate but can be done.

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social network via Slack

Slack for slackers no doubt. I would love to join.

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I think they just mean they can't go drinking after work, and that's all. I bet they do FAR more communicating through Zoom work at home than when they went to the company, aside from the obligatory "hellos" to people the don't like.

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Not stress. Japanese workers are getting anxious and fearful of losing jobs, losing wages, getting lower qualities of living.

It has been going on for years, not Covid-19.

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