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Another public bailout of the utilities is very unlikely. People don't want their taxes to be spent on that or for their electricity bills to keep going up. That's why the reactors need to go back onl


Paul J Scalise, a research fellow at the University of Tokyo and an expert on energy markets. He says that given the financial hurdles to filling the huge energy gap left by nuclear reactors going offline with more oil and gas imports or renewables, Japan has little choice other than to consider reactor restarts. (Christian Science Monitor)

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If Japan considered restarts from a safety point of view, there would be no restarts. Perhaps, people should consider the financial hurdles caused by Abenomics, which has greatly increased the cost of imported fuel.

By the way, isn't the nuclear fuel also imported or is it made in Japan?

Does TEPCO still make huge donations to Tokyo University?

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Right. Like TEPCO's handling of things has gone so well. Nuclear power: still cheap, safe, and clean? Japan certainly does have other choices!

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everybody knows the increased hikes in electricity are superficial to create an impression of power shortages in order to switch on nuclear reactors.....

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The urban myth that nuclear energy is clean, safe and cheap was busted.

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