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As China increases hostilities in the Indo-Pacific region, Japan is stepping up, not only with bold statements against China’s intimidation but with action—including military contingency planning with the U.S. and joint defense agreements with regional allies.


Bruce Klingner, who specializes in Korean and Japanese affairs as the senior research fellow for Northeast Asia at The Heritage Foundation's Asian Studies Center. He says Japan is becoming an increasingly valuable partner in resistance to China’s authoritarian advances.

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But no concrete actions to protect those distant islands both Japan and China claim? Time to put some real concrete on those pieces of rock, if Japan is serious.

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Japan is all talk when it comes to truly building its military!

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As China increases hostilities in the Indo-Pacific region

I stopped reading after that part. What's not mentioned is that USA has had soldiers stationed ALL around China since the end of the last world war. Can you imagine the hissy fit if China had one soldier stationed in Cuba? Can we now talk about hostilities? Can we talk?

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this is story A-China is threat in region.

story B is untold-that US presence in region is heavy/Japan,Korea,etc/

this is action and reaction.

US presence in region is action and so there is chinese reaction.

remaining question is who is threat for who.kindly consider who is bigger danger for piece here ...or even worldwide/say East Europe as well/.

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The Heritage Foundation home page says all you need to know:

Now more than ever, the American people need a champion to preserve the great American experiment and everything good and just that it represents. We champion policy solutions that benefit all Americans.


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The Heritage Foundation

Spreading neocon, neoliberal filth around the world since Reagan/Thatcher. Pure evil.

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Of course, a westerner quote.

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Little did I know that a highly decorated US general, Maj Gen Smedley D Butler, published an easy in the 1930s titled “War is a Racket”. I served in the US military 3 times, and almost went back one more time out of retirement. It was later on that I learned about this essay and another documental called “The Money Masters”. I call these eye openers. My observation is that after the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS was established, then all kinds of wars, conflicts, and invasions started, including the break out of War War 2. I let each one do their own research and make their own conclusions. One thing I no longer do is believe any single source of information at face value,(something Thomas Jefferson warned us about), and instead use alternate news sources as well.

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As for some facts, it is worth mentioning an essay that Martin Lohmeyer from Canterbury University published in the Internet. He does have some good points.

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Yeah... Japan is putting up QUITE the fight against China. Won't even go to the Olympics because... oh wait, they ARE going to the Olympics for fear of offending China. Doh.

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I rather have some defense than to be ran over with a hostile Chinese offense!

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